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The Hottest Mens Haircuts for 2024: Short, Medium, Long & Modern

by Victoria Boatright

Every year, the men’s fashion gives life to lots of new trends and standards, presenting new takes at ageless classics and diversifying the world of mens haircuts. On the one hand, such a great variety allows every man to find a unique look that will match his lifestyle and inner self. But on the other hand, the wider the choice, the more likely you’re to miss something really special. And that won’t do if you want your look to be its very best version!

According to men’s Hairstyle experts from MensHairCuts.com, today’s approaches to cutting and styling men’s hair offer more freedom for self-expression than ever. In other words, there’s only one rule – you’re the one to set the rules. And to help you navigate the impressive number of popular haircuts for men, we’re going to share with you the latest principles of customizing your look, taking the trendiest cuts for all lengths and tastes as examples.

Short Mens Haircuts

Source: insider.com

As barbers move forward in the art of men’s haircutting, they discover more and more new facets of short hair. Short haircuts for men are anything but limitations, and here are some of the top ways to enhance your look with a minimal length.

Textured Buzz + Shaved Design

There’s been quite a huge buzz around this haircut for decades, and that’s absolutely well-deserved! Not only does this haircut reveal the masculinity of its wearers but it also gives a lot of room for experiments. Despite being short, this cut can be customized in a variety of ways, but playing around with a textured finish on the top, a fade on the sides, and a shaved design on the midway is the best strategy.

Crew Cut Fade

The classic crew cut doesn’t stand still – it evolves and changes to fit the needs of modern gentlemen. In this way, you can enhance the once-simple haircut with smooth length graduation of a fade. It’s a simple yet staggering way to add character to the restrained look.

The High and Tight + Hard Part

Source: ceplukan.com

While the high and tight haircut doesn’t require much length to play with, it gives a fantastic silhouette that can nicely balance out rough and angled facial features. Once you add a hard part and finish the look with a sleek texture, you’ll build a smart dapper look for all occasions.

Short Spiky Undercut

Everything changes, but undercuts are constant. In fact, this haircut is a canvas for experiments, and you’re the artist. Today, it has tons of variations, and nothing seems to beat the masculine rebellious vibe of spikes. Just keep things short, a bit messy, and well-defined.

Medium-Length Mens Haircuts

Not too long, not too short, and simply perfect. It’s impossible to go wrong with medium length haircuts for men for one simple reason: it’s the happy medium of all lengths in terms of styling and maintenance. Here are the mid-length men’s cuts you shouldn’t miss!

Textured & Asymmetrical French Crop

Source: pinterest.com

French crops are everywhere from runway shows to offices, yet they far from being basic! As a matter of fact, it’s not a haircut; it’s a chameleon that can reflect your character and give you a totally unique look. For example, you can individualize the horizontal fringe cut with some textured elements, asymmetrical details, and even shaved designs!

The Caesar Cut

Bangs are getting more popular with men, so the Caesar cut is not going to leave fashion any time soon. Masculine and modern, this haircut can give you a distinctive appearance, whether you’re wearing an official suit or going to a fancy party. Fades, layers, and tapers – everything will look great with the cut.

The Modern Bowl Haircut

What men love about the modern bowl is that it looks lively and effortless, allowing for a messy touch. In contrast to the one-length fringe look, now you can accentuate your bowl with fades, as well as add some movement with choppy layers on top.

Side-Parted Undercut + Fade

Source: menshairstyletrends.com

It’s not the first year when the side-parted undercut fade is considered a trend. So let’s just conclude that it’s the new black! This combination looks great with different styling choices like sleek, messy, and casual styling while giving a clean and sophisticated look.

Long Mens Haircuts

Longer mens haircuts require the right approach, as they should be not only good-looking but also practical. Make sure to describe one of these ideas to your barber to keep things hip!

Smooth & Faded Quiff

A quiff can be a good way to make a statement, especially if paired with spikes. To maintain the balance between stylishness and practicality, we recommend you a smooth blend of a mid or low fade. Some texturizing on top won’t hurt, too, as it will add some flowing movement.

Long Disconnected Undercut

Source: coolmenshair.com

In case you’re looking for something virile and Viking-inspired, then look no further. A long undercut has been a synonym for pure masculinity for several years now. It can be totally clean shaved sides for a brutal finish, or smart, well-blended tapered sides and back – it all depends on the mood you want to express.

Long Messy Shag

Those who prefer to rock their hair long and loose should focus on the texture. Shaggy layers would be a great addition to your surfer-like hairstyle, giving each look a defined shape and making the mane more manageable.

Faux Hawk Fade

First, you get the short-sides-long-top cut. Then, you ask your barber for a messy punky texture on top. Finally, polish the look with a faded touch to integrate the punk vibe into your daily routine seamlessly and stylishly.

Choosing new mens haircuts today, despite the never-ending options, is pretty easy. All in all, you only need to know how you can personalize popular haircuts. And now that you’ve seen the most requested looks and learned the ways to experiment with them, you’re on the right track toward a better style!