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5 Reasons Why Men Love Plus-Size Women in 2024

by Jovica Radulovich

Dating a large woman is something that most men have thought about even though society is often unfair to these ladies in the media. If it is not the right kind of woman to date, then why are men so happy to date them? With the help of our friends from Fatflirt we collected for you 5 curious facts that prove that men are happy when dating a chubby girl. These facts will help you get to the bottom of the mystery.

1.Scientific fact: Men like to get dating a woman with curves

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The first reason that men love to date plus-sized women is that they like the curves on a woman’s body. There have been many different studies in the past that have shown there is a certain predisposition for curvy women in the male mindset. When looking at the figures that people have adopted to represent the goddesses of fertility and love, they’re often very supple, plump ladies with big, notable curves. The reason is that men are wired to enjoy women with the proportions of big breasts and large hips. Not only is that an indicator of fertility, but it’s apparently meant to attract men. That way, they have children with women that are large and powerful enough to survive the rigors of childbirth. It might seem a little contrived, but that is the reality of the situation.

2. Psychological fact: Next to curvy women, men feel calmer when stressed

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Another reason that men like to be with curvy women is that there is a palpable level of calmness felt when under stress near a larger woman. That means that men actually feel better when they have a curvy lady near them, even when they’re in a bad mood. Now, the reasoning behind this took a while to uncover. According to psychologists, men relate the curves of a woman’s body to a motherly figure. Most women that give birth have accentuated curves as a result of their changing bodies. So, when men are feeling stressed, they have a curvy partner that reminds them of their mother in a loving and supportive way.

Attractiveness is subjective, writer and certified relationship therapist Dating Ring explains, and some men find plus-size women desirable for their confidence, curves, and warmth. Many men prefer partners who are comfortable in their own skin and radiate positivity, regardless of their size. Some people have denounced this as Freudian, but the bottom line is that men enjoy the company of these women and get a psychological boost from having them in their lives.

3. Emotional fact: A chubby girl will accept you for who you are

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Society tells men that they are not supposed to get upset about their own shortcomings as a human being. They may consider themselves too short, too hairy, or too homely to ever get a date with a woman. Yet, study after study has shown that chubby women are far more likely to accept a man for who he is instead of wanting him to change. Men know this and will go for women that have less-than-perfect bodies, at least according to society’s take on the situation. The result is that men will feel less dissatisfied with their own imperfect bodies because they are being accepted by someone else. Also, that person doesn’t have a perfect body, either so they feel even better about the situation. All in all, it’s a great idea for men to be with someone that accepts them, and it’s even more beneficial if that woman just so happens to be curvy, too.

4. Sex fact: Big breasts have always attracted men

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Another reason that men like curvy women is that they tend to have large breasts. This is not a fact that is meant to be inflammatory or hurtful- the fact of the matter is that the breasts store fat from the body. Men love the chance to see large breasts because they play on the two facts that we have mentioned before. First, there is a primal instinct in men to enjoy being with someone that appears to be fertile and healthy- something that is not common in women that appear too skinny. The second reason is that the large breasts on women remind men of the comforts of being with their mother or some other caring woman. Of course, there are erotic benefits to large breasts, but that’s as significant as the other ideas that we’ve discussed here.

5. Culinary fact: A man’s heart is through his stomach

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The last reason that men love plus-sized women is based on the old saying: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Men love to eat, and that means they want to be with someone that can help them cook great foods. There is nobody that knows good cooking and eating than a curvy woman. They are not dainty little things that want to eat a salad and will make a man pick six vegetables to go with his meat. She’ll sit alongside him and chow down on ribs, coleslaw, and biscuits and won’t complain about it. These women tend to be amazing cooks because they have a taste for better foods in life. Best of all, they’re willing to learn about new foods and cooking styles just to make their man happy. Overall, women can use many things to make men happy and food is certainly one of them. It’s just a matter of finding someone that shares your tastes!

Men are attracted to plus-sized women in many ways and for a lot of different reasons. They know that these ladies are beautiful, attractive, and have all the features of someone that is going to be loving. That being said, it can be hard to find a woman that is self-assured about her curves and willing to be with a man that loves her primarily for her body. It’s possible to meet these women in a variety of settings, though. Specifically, more and more plus-sized women are starting to meet their matches by using an online dating service. On these sites, they get the opportunity to pick and choose their dates, find the person that is right for them, and feel comfortable every step of the way. Now that you know why you want a bigger lady, go forth with confidence, and find one!