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Melania Trump Will Support Donald Trump If He Runs Again

by Mary McFarren

Donald Trump is on a mission around the United States pushing his MAGA agenda while Melania stays away from the public eye living a quiet life at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago. A former first lady has never shown much interest in politics, but sources close to the family say that she will support her husband in case he runs for the second term in 2024.

Melania Trump was possibly the least active first lady ever to set foot in the White House, for which she was continuously scrutinized. Her preference to elude the attention of the media was not appreciated by the public. The supporters expected a proactive, confident, and ambitious woman to stand by the president’s side. However, Melania Trump showed zero enthusiasm to dive into political and social matters.

Source: Marie Claire

Regardless, according to the inside sources, the former first lady is ready to stand by her husband once more if he decides to take a chance against the current president Joe Biden. “The only thing that Trump cares about these days is golf and Melania. And if she doesn’t want him to run, then it’s going to be pushing a big rock up the hill”, a close source said. Considering that politics is not exactly Melania’s field of interest, the presidential run might be just wishful thinking for Trump.

The Trump family left the White House after messy attempts to overturn presidential election results. As she was leaving, Melania looked relieved to be free and out of the spotlight. During their bid in Washington, rumors swirled that the estranged couple is just putting up the show for the public when in reality they lived separate lives.

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Melania’s gaffes seem to deepen the rift between the spouses even more considering that Donald was always concerned about his public appearance. The former first lady infamously wore an “I Really Don’t Care” jacket to the visit of detention center that held young child migrants. Further, she was recorded by her former best friend Stephanie Walkoff saying: “who gives a f—- about Christmas decorations”.

To make matters worse, the book by her former social media assistant Stephanie Grisham is about to come out. Allegedly, Grisham was very close to Melania and is about to reveal some juicy details about Trump’s family. Some excerpts have emerged stating that the former first lady almost overslept her husband’s first presidential speech on the election night. “I knew by now how much sleep meant to her, but still, I couldn’t imagine being asleep at a time like that,” Grisham wrote. “Maybe she thought that someone would wake her up if Trump won”.

Source: HuffPost

Considering the peculiar marriage of the Trumps, many are saying that Melania is not on board with the former president for his second run for the president. Her private nature left the speculators to assume that the former first lady has had enough of the protocols, and is overwhelmed with the negative climate that followed her around like a plague while in the White House. Further, Melania is seen as the disgraced first lady who smiled through her husband’s sexual affairs. In case Donald Trump announces her second run three years from now, it’s possible that we will see a very different first lady from the one that shyly entered the center stage.