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Melania Trump Lambasted For Not Wearing a Face Mask

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 05/16/2020: Melania Trump and Donald Trump had a meeting with Girl Scouts, to acknowledge those who were helpful during coronavirus pandemic. The event was held at Rose Garden, where POTUS and the First Lady met the Girl Scouts.

Netizens immediately noticed that Melania didn’t wear a face mask. President Trump also didn’t wear one, but it’s known from earlier that refuses to do so. At the same time, the First Lady was very vocal about wearing them. Now, we see that she’s not staying true to her words.

Melania Trump

Source: washingtontimes.com

FLOTUS posted a tweet with the following message: “This afternoon, President of the United States and I hosted some of the heroes of Covid-19 at the White House. We listened to incredible stories of unity and patriotism from a nurse, small business owners, Police Officer, and Girl Scouts. I am truly inspired by the spirit of American citizens!”

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Concluding from the pictures, social distancing measures were respected. But, the photos show Girl Scouts wearing masks, while Donald Trump and Melania Trump didn’t have them. This comes surprising as FLOTUS led an internet campaign trying to get people to wear masks and protect themselves.

The First Lady shared another tweet dedicated to Girl Scouts: “It was inspiring to hear the acts of kindness and compassion that Girls Scouts Troop 744 has been showing to front line workers during this unprecedented time. This is one of just many examples of the spirit we celebrate through #BeBest!”

Twitter users were quick to lambast her: “How about being compassionate enough toward the Girl Scouts to wear a mask?” – one user wrote. Another added: “Why aren’t you wearing a mask?” A third one ended the debate with: “That little girl was the only smart person there wearing a mask.”

Source: express.co.uk