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Melania And Donald Trump Clash Over COVID-19 Masks!

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/05/2020: Melania Trump finally stood up to her husband. The presidential couple doesn’t agree on the matter of face-masks. Despite POTUS saying that he won’t wear a mask, the First Lady urged Americans to protect themselves and wear protective gear on their faces.

Unlike her husband, the First Lady of the United States wants for the US citizens to follow the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommendation. The CDC recommends that all Americans should wear face-masks, even in public. Despite what CDC says, President Trump already stated that he would not wear one despite what the CDC recommends.

Melania Trump

Source: vanityfair.com

FLOTUS made her opinion public and sent out a message to her followers on Twitter. The First Lady wrote: “As the weekend approaches, I ask that everyone take social distancing & wearing a mask/face covering seriously. COVID-19 is a virus that can spread to anyone. We can stop this together”. The warning by CDC that all citizens should wear face-masks even in public came out on Friday.

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President Trump also stated during a press conference that Americans should follow the CDC’s guidelines, but that they are not mandatory, and he will not wear a face-mask. POTUS said: “From recent studies, we know that the transmission from individuals without symptoms is playing a more significant role in the spread of the virus than previously understood.”

Mr. Trump has reasoning behind his decision: “I just don’t want to do it myself. Sitting in the Oval Office… I somehow don’t see it for myself.”

White House coronavirus response coordinator, Deborah Birx, said that people shouldn’t forget about other things they should do during this crisis, with the emphasis now being on face-masks. Birx said: “The most important thing is the social distancing and washing your hands. We don’t want people to get an artificial sense of protection because they’re behind a mask. Because if they’re touching things — remember your eyes are not in the mask. So if you’re touching things and then touching your eyes, you’re exposing yourself in the same way.”

Source: express.co.uk