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Meet the Joker in Real Life – Joaquin Phoenix and His Tough Childhood

by Elsa Stringer

Movie actor Joaquin Phoenix shows the world with his last role as Joker why is he getting so many awards for his acting. He got his nominations for Oscar, and he already has a Grammy and a Golden Globe award. This charming actor has played an outstanding role as a Joker and reminded us why this villain is one of the most popular.

The movie Joker has broken all records in movie theaters in the United States and Europe. People were waiting to see Joaquin on a film screen, but many of them had doubts about how successful will he be with the role of Joker.


Also, many people started to talk about the personal life of this actor, and what is the reason for always choosing some darker and harder roles. The truth is that he had a lot of struggles in his life, and somehow, these roles suit him better.

This time, the Joker is more dramatic, without any emotions, the Original. And maybe, that would cause a feeling of condolence, someone might feel anger, but he is what he is, and that`s why we love him so much.


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Should an Oscar be won for this performance as Joker?

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The Joaquin gave some new meaning to the role of Joker. He gave him the soul, and his role is genius.

Joaquin, as Joker, is a sarcastic and honest maniac. Many people already see him as the next winner of the Oscar award.

Phoenix has a tough childhood. His parents were in a cult, the Children of God, and he had to beg for the money on the streets when he was a little kid. He was living in such bad conditions, that the cottage that he was living in was full of rats and snakes. That is the reason why he hardly speaks about his childhood at all.