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Malyk Santíago Net Worth 2024 and Everything You Need To Know About This Fashion Model

by Elsa Stringer

Malyk Santíago who is best known as the American fashion model, has an audience of over millions across the world and he’s one of the most popular models and internet sensations in the limelight. He is mostly famous for starring in numerous guess campaigns and walking in national fashion runways in different countries.

Besides only being a fashion model in the public eyes, he is also an Internet sensation and uses his platforms as a business tool. Hence, he earns a lot of money from Instagram, Twitter & Youtube ads which appears in his captions and videos. Moreover, he earns a lot of money from paid subscriptions and endorsements from every social platform. Here is everything there is to know about Malyk Santíago including his net worth.


Malyk Santíago’s Biography

Malyk Santíago was born on October 29, 1999, in Beverly Hills, California. He is American and Latin nationality. He’s the youngest child out of all of his older siblings. He graduated from high school in Colorado in 2018 and is now enrolled at the University of California College.

Source: Instagram.com

Normally when a celebrity becomes very popular in the industry, they tend to never finish school or just drop out completely and focus on their niche because of time management and the amount of money that they receive however, Malyk Santíago is doing things very different this time around and will be continuing online college and still pursuing his dream at the same time. Anything is possible for the American fashion model, and everyone who has followed his journey from the beginning knows he’s going to make time for anything even if it puts a big toll on him, he’s still going to make it out and accomplish it whether way.


In 2010 He was only 10 years old when he was discovered by a modeling agency in Los Angeles,California and made his debut starring in kids clothing brands collaborations such as Vans and Ralph Lauren, worked his way up to mature gigs such as starring in guess campaigns and walking the runways across the world.

Malyk Santíago


Malyk Santíago didn’t just become America’s famous star overnight he happened to become one at such a young age because he had the motivation and experience very early in time before his first debut. He went to modeling school in Los Angeles, California where he is from to get the knowledge insights of what it’s like working in front of cameras and learning different steps of poses for on-cameras and off-cameras qualifications to bring in full confidence in himself which he has established to this day and continue to make the best of his career being a successful fashion model.

Many people will never understand that getting the experience will later in life weigh on and impact your dreams and open up all the doors which the fashion model himself has worked as a model from the age ten years-old and has accomplished many great things and will continue for many more.

As he gained famed from the modeling industry he
Immediately gained a strong presence on the Internet by his outrageous, inspiring, fashionable photos which kept people coming and interacting with all of his social media platforms.


By the end of 2017, Santíago began collaborating with many other models and popular influencers which led to an exponential growth in followers. He currently averages more than 50,000 followers and 100,000 viewers in a day. In February 2018, he collaborated with female British fashion model Chloe Ayling for a fashion campaign endorsement shoot in Bali, Indonesia where they both could help each other build up their brand and reach different audiences.

He also made connections with Internet sensation Victoria Waldrip who goes by the name “Woah Vicky” back in late summer 2018 and made a few appearances with her on Instagram live and parties, promoting their social media platforms as a marketing business tool. Not sure if Victoria Waldrip and him are as close as they were before as of Santíago growing up and wanting to be moved more into the positive light and drive in a genuine nice healthy engagement for his brand.

Malyk Santíago


Malyk Santíago loves his family very much and is working hard to be able to sustain them. He is a great role model to the youth who has ambitions and dreams to become something great in the world by educating them that using their own special authentic talents is what gets their foot through the door organically. Everywhere he travels in the world he makes sure to have time to film and share every moment with his fans to educate them on the differences in cultures and languages that different countries have compared to the United States.

2024 is the year that Malyk Santíago will expand his career and will be slowly transitioning his way into the TV/Film world working hard to become a successful American actor. Rumors are already speculating all over social media that he is in an upcoming horror film that airs in theaters October 16th, but he hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet, even though there are spoiler photos of him being on set at a movie production studio that just leaves fans one big conclusion that the rumors floating around could possibly be as true as they seem.

Malyk Santíago’s Net Worth 2024


Malyk Santíago’s Net Worth is estimated to stand at $700 thousand. He accumulated his wealth from his modeling fashion campaigns deals, Subscribers and brand endorsement deals he makes from his social media platforms. He raised more than $200,000 for the American foundation for Breast Cancer & Suicide Prevention