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How to Make College Life Amazing

by William Gist

College is the beginning of an end; the beginning of a new life and end of years of carelessness. It marks the first step towards the real world. As exciting and fantastic it sounds as a high school senior, let’s be clear, it is a lot of hard work and determination. With that said, it can be overwhelming for someone who’s just starting it, away from home and comfort.

If you’re a newbie or just someone looking ahead to four exciting years leading to your dreams, here are some great ways to not succumbing to the pressure of too many things happening at all times.

Enjoy what you’re there for


Sure, you’re away from home and your childhood buddies but it is imperative to acknowledge why you’re in college in the first place. It is a step towards you becoming what you always dreamt of. With part-time jobs, endless parties, students often forget what their foremost responsibility is, which is, studying and most importantly, learning.

College provides you with infinite learning possibilities. With a plethora of programs at hand, you can choose whatever fancies you and explore your passion. Going the extra mile and taking up an extra class like that of music, poetry, literature etc. can help you unwind a little and get your mind off the endless deadlines of that dreadful accounting assignment.

Further, the college provides you with the opportunity of learning outside the conventional classroom setting. With courses like art history, among others, you can hit up an online course from various websites like that of coursera.org. Schedules are tricky to work through which is where multiple shortcuts like that of paperhelp that provide paper assistance.

Explore, explore and explore!


College is not just about books and classes. It is an experience like never before. With numerous learning opportunities available at hand, the college also provides the option of multiple extra-curricular activities that might not end up in desirable credit hours but will result in gaining way beyond that.

Since there are people from all across the world around you; it is a fantastic chance to connect with people from diverse cultural as well as educational backgrounds. Not just that, with the ongoing events, exhibits, you also get the opportunity to indulge in new activities that might turn into new hobbies going forward.

The best way to stay in touch with the different events taking place is by following the official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page(s) of your college. In addition to that, the students’ council also provides a spectacular platform for new students to be well versed with the various associations in college with properly laid out schedules.



Doesn’t travelling sounds like a farfetched idea amidst the debt that is piling up and the classes you just can’t understand? Well, don’t lose hope. College is full of surprises and hidden treasures. Multiple colleges around the world provide the option of exchange programs. Now, these programs might not be free but they definitely don’t charge you a fortune. This will not only feed into your college girl out and about in Europe fantasy but will also result in a tremendous opportunity to grow as an individual.

These programs come with host families/ students that inevitably reduce the living expense. Not just that if you’re striving towards scoring higher grades, you can either defer it to summer break or even a short and sweet spring break. Alongside, classes, these exchange programs will also help you volunteer for the causes you’re passionate about at exotic locations around the globe. If you’re tad bit interested in exchange programs, the best way is to hit online forums to find out about your fellow students’ experiences and expenses incurred to help you plan and budget beforehand.

Take time for yourself


Needless to say, college comes with a lot of stresses which are not exhaustive of the present. It involves limited cashflows, endless coursework, maintaining or rather increase that CGPA and most importantly, the uncertainty of the future. It can be a serious toll on your health.

To be more productive and successful in college or generally, in life, it is important to make yourself a priority for yourself. Sure, you have to ace that class but at the cost of your health? Hell no! To be present, it is important you monitor what you eat and try to squeeze in some physical exertion in your routine. It’ll be a stretch at first but once you get a grip, trust me you’ll never look back!

Eating healthy and exercising will enable you to be more efficient at what you do with the added advantage of getting a banger body along the way. Moreover, it can also turn into a socializing activity as well. If you feel that you’re short on time, tie up those laces and go for a run with your BFF who you just can’t seem to spend enough time with, consequently, killing two birds with one stone.

Don’t shy away from asking for help


With so much going on and too much on your plate, you are bound to feel overwhelmed sometimes. Often times, students feel trapped in the tumulus years of college and succumb to the pressure which leads to serious mental health issues like that of depression and anxiety. You’re young and feel invincible but it is important to give yourself a break sometimes. With that said, if you ever feel anxious or too tired to operate, don’t shy away from talking it out with your friends and even a health professional.

It is imperative to understand that this is youngest you’ll ever be so make most of these years albeit the mind-numbing stress it comes with. Indulge and enjoy because trust me when I say, these are the most fun years of your life with people which will last you a lifetime!