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10 Surprising Remedies for People with Anxiety Disorders

by Elsa Stringer

Meditation, yoga, HBOT therapy, and all sorts of mind-body therapies are used today for addressing anxiety symptoms. From the mattress you use at home to the things inside your house triggering your anxiety, there are practically thousands of things that you can do for getting calmer and more relaxed with everything in life.

Why have the conversation on anxiety disorders?


Regardless of what you may think, anxiety disorders are the most common mental condition in the U.S, and less than 40% of them are receiving treatment.

Therefore, millions of Americans don’t benefit from any treatment, even though they could use something to alleviate their symptoms. And it doesn’t always have to be special treatment or medication, as also some nutrients may ease the symptoms of anxiety.

Even psychiatrists note that supplements can speed up the healing process, sustaining the lifestyle, nutrition, and traditional medication. However, people with anxiety disorders should always check with their doctors about the possible interactions between supplements and current medication.

Having said that, keep reading to find out which vitamins can help you deal with your anxiety symptoms.

1. Vitamin A


There is research revealing that patients with anxiety present low levels of vitamin A, aka beta carotene. When people take vitamin A, they will start to feel better, especially if they’re also taking vitamin C and E.

A low level of antioxidants increases the risk of developing anxiety. So, next time you’re reaching for a snack put on some fruits and veggies on your plate too.

2. B vitamins


The B complex vitamins include several nutrients that are fundamental for brain function and cell metabolism, alleviating the anxiety symptoms.

It’s recommended to get tested first to see if you’re dealing with a low level of B vitamins. Regardless, numerous studies are backing the importance of daily supplements of B complex vitamins when coping with anxiety. Dr. Vora reminds us that it’s quite often that people with anxiety present a low level of B vitamins.

3. NAD vitamin Drip therapy


You’re not going to be able to take it from the comfort of your home. As a matter of fact, you may have to travel for benefiting the NAD vitamin Drip therapy. Johnny Tabaie, the creator of the Pouyan Method and johnnythehealer.com, states that “NAD is one of the most promising vitamin therapies, giving amazing results.”

The method is efficient as the vitamins get into your body intravenously, working, and repairing the DNA right away. The therapy also reduces inflammation, turning on the enzymes that protect against aging. The most significant benefit remains the restoring of brain cells.

The NAD vitamin drip therapy is natural and holistic and helps people with anxiety, or depression deal with their symptoms a lot better.

4. Vitamin D


Vitamin D is great for our mental health is not news. We need the sun to make our body producing vitamin D, or we can also get it from fortified foods.

Patients with anxiety should never skip vitamin D, and taking supplements is essential for people living in areas with less sunshine throughout the year.

5. Theanine


We get theanine from green tea, and it’s fantastic for both anxiety and depression. It’s an amino acid that presents soothing effects thanks to its power over dopamine and serotonin levels in our brain.

Theanine acts a lot like meditation, and taking it in the form of medication may eliminate the adverse side effects of caffeine.

6. Omega-3 fatty acids


Anyone preoccupied with their health should take omega-3s, not only the anxiety patients. Among the impressive list of benefits, omega-3 fatty acids reduce the symptoms of anxiety and inflammation in the brain. They protect the brain from the stress, alleviating the anxiety symptoms.

7. Lysine

Lysine is another amino acid that affects the neurotransmitters connected to the anxiety symptoms. Plenty of research revealed that people lacking lysine taking it through their diet would note improvement for their anxiety symptoms. At the same time, increasing the lysine levels helps people manage stress better as they’re capable of controlling cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Lysine seems to give better results when combined with arginine.

8. Magnesium


Magnesium can change the picture of anxiety altogether, as it’s fundamental for brain functions. It’s essential for controlling the stress hormones in the brain.

Look for chelated supplements as the body absorb it better, and it’s not damaging for the stomach either.

9. Valerian


Also known as “nature’s valium,” Valerian presents sedative abilities that ease out the anxiety. Plenty of studies revealed that valerian root reduces the symptoms of stress and anxiety. It has a calming effect, reducing insomnia, which is typical for anxiety disorder.



It’s surprising for many people, but having a balanced diet and healthy gut bacteria is essential for mental health. There’s enough evidence on the importance of probiotic-rich foods, capable of reducing anxiety caused by gut inflammation. Some professionals even think that beneficial bacteria have a calming effect on overstimulated nerve cells, benefiting people with anxiety disorders.


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