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15 Major Companies That Accept Crypto As Payment

by Tracy Finke

Investment in cryptocurrencies is a new trend now. And why not? After all, the digital token or crypto currency is bringing an evolution in the way people pay off their expenses.

Cryptocurrency is unlike fiat money or credit cards that folks often use at general stores or by the time of purchasing something online. This revolutionary payment mode entirely operates on digital platforms, aka blockchain.

And the most exciting thing is, when a crypto token isn’t in use, it is still productive. The longer a user holds a token in their crypto wallet, the more they make (yes, it is risky too.). But the good thing is, people almost pay nothing if they earn crypto first for spending onwards. Visit this site to know more.

Owing to so many great benefits, cryptocurrency is drawing companies’ attention around the world. Brands and business industries have all started adopting crypto payment culture.

Companies are accepting cryptocurrency as payment from customers. Some of the famous companies ahead in this race are as follows.

1. Microsoft

Source: newsbtc.com

One of the giant software companies – Microsoft – is one of the biggest names accepting crypto tokens as a payment. Not just that, Microsoft is the first big name that has propelled this crypto trend in modern payment culture. The tech giant primarily accepts bitcoin as a payment, but other digital tokens can also be used. Apart from that, Microsoft has also built a similar platform to create tokens identical to bitcoin.

2. Shopify

The largest e-commerce store is also not far from this new culture of cryptocurrencies adoption into the payment system. In 2015, Shopify made headlines by announcing that the company accepts bitcoin payments. One can transact on the e-commerce site via multiple payment providers online. Apart from bitcoin, the e-commerce store also accepts Ethereum, Litecoin for payment.

3. Subway

Satisfy hunger for a subway sandwich against one digital token as the brand accepts it now. Even though the subway is one of the earliest names that started taking crypto payments in 2013 still, only a couple of digital currencies were accepted. But now, the brand agrees with this new payment option in multiples.

4. Overstock

Source: cryptoiqtrading.com

After Shopify, Overstock became the next famous company that started accepting crypto as payment from customers in 2017. The range of digital currencies that the company accepts includes bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. The company has its own blockchain network that converts the coin to bring the money into circulation.

5. Expedia

Expedia – the world’s famous travel agency, accepts transactions in crypto. Travelers can book a hotel and carry out any transaction in the revolutionary payment model that the company makes available to all. However, one can use cryptocurrency as payment in only accepted countries. It’s worth noting that not all countries accept bitcoin or any other digital currency as a payment mode.

6. Pizza Hut

Source: pinterest.com

Coming to a food brand where a person can use crypto to satisfy their appetite for some tasty pizza slice, it’s undoubtedly Pizza Hut. The company is one of the newest names in the major companies that have newly started accepting crypto. It all began in November 2024 when the company realized the potential of this new payment trend and decided to take a plunge.

7. Paypal

Despite being one of the most popular digital payment modes, Paypal has also entered the cryptocurrency territory. The reason is self-evidencing. Paypal tied up with multiple crypt payment processors to ensure all users who want to transact in bitcoin or other crypto-assets do not face any issue when using PayPal.

8. Apple

One of the world’s luxurious smartphone brands, Apple, is also not far from adopting this new payment trend. People can use Apple Pay to make payments in bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and so on. The wallet by Apple Pay offers multiple features which a person can use to make payments online.

9. Coca Cola

One of the world’s oldest and largest beverage brands doesn’t want to disappoint its cryptocurrency users. The company partners with the Center pay platform to bring the idea of crypto payments into circulation. Today, thousands of vending machines in New Zealand and Australia allow people to get a drink against a crypto transaction.

10. Twitch

The world’s largest video live streaming service also accepts cryptocurrencies from its customers. The American company, however, accepts only bitcoin and bitcoin cash for its services. However, a few times in the middle of 2019, the company stopped accepting payments. But later one, they had to enable it due to a customer’s request.

11. Burger King

When the hunger for burgers strikes badly in the stomach, the problem is ‘no currency’ available to pay to Burger King except for crypto. Don’t worry because the brand accepts crypto as payment now. Anybody can use bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, and tons of other digital assets to pay at burger king. Users can transact currencies at the burger king website or app.

12. Starbucks

Starbucks has started accepting crypto recently in 2024 and still allows people to use the revolutionary payment mode for coffee lovers.

13. KFC

Source: fortune.com

KFC food lovers can also pay for their order in their favorite cryptocurrency at any KFC store in the world. However, the brand may or may not accept crypto in every nation as few countries still don’t view crypto as a well-regulated or safe transaction mode.

14. Visa

The worldwide famous credit-card company – Visa – finds it hard for itself to stay away from the crypto transaction. The company lets people allow transactions in digital currency easily through any credit card. However, the company is still trying to make it more convenient.

15. Tesla

Source: worldecomag.com

Tesla Owner Elon Musk believes in crypto’s potential. Hence, the world’s richest man accepts crypto at his company Tesla. Elon Musk can also be seen active in the debate around cryptocurrencies.


So these are some of the major companies where cryptocurrencies can be used as a payment. Next time, when purchasing the product from the given brands or buying their services, make sure this new payment mode is available to make payments for all purchases.