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Why You Shouldn’t Fear Living the Travel Lifestyle

by Tracy Finke

We all get itchy feet at some point in life. There is a sudden desire to take off one day, see the world and escape from the monotony of life at home. It sounds like a dream but there is an element of fear involved in doing this, and it is often what stops people from taking the final plunge and boarding the plane.

You will be thousands of miles from home, in a completely new culture and not able to speak the language. Of course, it is scary. However, it’s all these things that will make you grow as a person. It’s these challenges that will teach you the biggest lessons in life. Are you letting the fear of travelling take over and stop you from booking that ticket? Here are some reasons why you should give in and start to plan your getaway.

You Will Change as a Person

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There is no better way to grow as a person than by traveling. The new cultures you are exposed to will open your mind, and the experiences you have will prepare you to be able to deal with anything. Picture yourself arriving late at night to a city you’ve never been to before, you don’t speak the language and the signs are written in a script you can’t even read. After a few hours you finally find somewhere to stay. At the time it might not feel like a great experience, but the confidence you will gain will turn you into a totally different person.

The independence you gain is also something you can take into every aspect of your life. If you’ve never been away from home much before, it will be intimidating, but those fears will quickly dissipate and be replaced by excitement at what the next new adventure might hold. Don’t fear experiences that will make you grow, and as scary as it will seem in your mind, the actual experience will be nowhere near as frightening.

It is Affordable

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One aspect of travel that can put people off are the costs involved. While there will be some initial costs and you are going to need an emergency fund, you will find it won’t be as expensive as you thought. Like anything that gives you growth, you should see it as an investment. There will be plenty of opportunities to work along the way, and you will learn to live on a budget. Your life may not be as comfortable in terms of living conditions as it was at home, but that is all part of the experience.

It’s a good idea to have your finances in order before you leave so you don’t have any additional worries. If you have a student loan, it might be worth looking to view this site for the option of refinancing your loan through a private lender to make repayments more affordable. If you have credit card debt, it’s always a good idea to clear it and leave with a blank slate.

Opportunities Will Come Your Way

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Opportunities will be everywhere while you are traveling. You will constantly be meeting new people, and there will be opportunities to work. For native English speakers who hold a degree, you could decide to teach English and make some extra money.

Even if you don’t hold a degree, you will still have the possibility of providing private tuition. Aside from teaching English, your skills will be needed somewhere so take a look around and see what work is available. The people you meet will also be able to point you in the right direction.

Aside from work, you may fall in love with a certain place and decide that you want to live there. This is the beauty of travel. Discovering a city or town that you may not even have known existed before you set off and realizing you can live your ideal lifestyle there. It doesn’t have to be forever, and you always have the option of moving on to somewhere else when you feel like a change.

There Are So Many Opportunities to Learn

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You will be learning about new cultures and ways of living simply by walking around in a new country. Taking in the sights, sounds and smells will open your mind to a completely different way of life. You might particularly like the sound of a certain language you hear and decide that you want to learn it. You can learn it by immersing yourself in the local culture, or even attending local university classes that will probably be far more affordable than you think.

Many people fall in love with the food of certain countries while they are traveling, and this can lead to them learning how to cook. This is a skill that can be taken back to your own country and used there. You can impress friends, or even if you want to take it further, embark on a new career path. If you had never left home, you would never have realized that such opportunities exist.

It Can Be for as Long or Short as You Want

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When we talk about traveling the world, the idea of giving up everything at home and setting off into the sunset comes to mind. If this is what you want to do, then it’s what you should go for. It’s entirely possible to do and is not something you will regret.

Traveling will give you the space away from home to reassess your life while doing something you’ve always wanted to do. If you fear homesickness, you can consider traveling with your dog, or other beloved comfort from home, so that you can bridge the gap between what you know, and what you wish to discover.

You should also always remember that you could come home whenever you want. Your adventure doesn’t have to be forever. It’s also possible to just take short trips a few times a year if that is more suitable for your lifestyle. There is no set way to travel, you must do what you feel comfortable doing.

If you do decide that it’s going to be a long-term adventure, then ensure you do some initial research and have some back up funds should you encounter any emergencies while on the road. Whichever you choose, you should never fear but embrace the challenge and do something you will love.