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9 Best Cryptocurrency Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following In 2024

by Tracy Finke

Nowadays, people are exchanging their real money to buy a specific type of cryptocurrency for their online purchases. Cryptocurrency is a virtual or digital liquid asset that people use as an investment for online transactions, and it does not depend on the bank for online transactions.

How Many Cryptocurrencies Exist?

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There are more than 10K different cryptocurrencies with an estimated $2 Trillion; they have become very favorable among people for numerous reasons. Numerous investors like to engage in cryptocurrency and see Crypto as one of the beneficial units of the future—both fresher and experienced need guidance for correct cryptocurrency investment.

The critical information about Crypto helps to provide the basis for ups and downs, and well-experienced people share their insights. Consequently, many leaders give the best and most important guidance on Crypto with the help of various social media platforms. For further detail, click here, which helps the investor learn more and be upgraded regularly in cryptocurrency.

The fundamental feature of cryptocurrency is to solve the issue of authentic or traditional currency by putting the authority and responsibility in the hand of the currency holder. Moreover, cryptocurrency helps fix most real-world matters with various properties and features.

Why Follow Cryptocurrency Instagram Accounts?

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While talking about social media platforms, Instagram is the most well-reputed and well-known social media application. Mike Krieger and Kevin Strom first initiated Instagram in 2010; then, Facebook bought it in 2012.

Instagram is one of the most practical applications for its users, where users can share and post pictures and videos under its algorithm. This powerful social media platform involves followers and people which everyone can follow, engage, explore and connect according to their requirements.

Instagram also allows editing videos and pictures, adding captions, and many other remarkable features, making it the second most engaged social media network globally.

This article provides a list of Crypto Instagram accounts that an investor should follow. These listed accounts are famous and have millions of followers, but they are undoubtedly well grounded. These accounts have accuracy and quality of content and data, which help their followers for better investments.

These accounts also provide trading information, quizzes, news, insights, trends, marketing tips, tricks, websites, apps, memes, videos, blogs, and the actual content.

1. Crypto.dreams

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As discussed above, crypto Instagram accounts provide many informative posts; this Instagram account is Crypto. Dreams offer many free technical analysis courses, videos, posts, cryptocurrency news, and alerts. This account helps educate and provide their followers with complete knowledge to learn the art of technical analysis for further success.

They aim to create a technical analysis to generate acceptable profit to meet financial freedom.

Crypto. Dreams have over 1400+ free telegram trading communities, 35.5k followers on Instagram, and 300 VIP members.

2.  ShareCrypto

For the latest crypto news and to be updated on Instagram, the ShareCrypto account is critical to follow. The leaders initiated this account on 31 October 2017; they post all essential and latest updates about the crypto market in an efficiently read format.

This Instagram account has about 362k followers, offers daily updates, and inquires about other essential queries for further knowledge.

3. Crypto Explorer

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This account came into action in 2017, and its main motive is to build up a space for investors to better understand the techniques of the cryptocurrency. Crypto Explorer involves an eLearning cryptocurrency platform and provides informative content, free e books, information on purchasing cryptocurrency, tips, tricks, knowledge, and many more.

Crypto Explorer account has about 178k followers on Instagram; it concentrates on investment, bitcoin, and Crypto.

4. Everything_crypto

This Instagram account came into action about 4 years ago to offer informative content regarding cryptocurrency. Everything_crpto facilitates complete knowledge about bitcoin, Crypto, and blockchain technology with the help of posts, videos, news, memes, and so on.

This account provides news updates attached with photos from the real space of crypto adoption and posts them twice a day.

Everything_crypto account has about 10.3k followers on Instagram, and it is one of the best places to purchase coins.

5. BitBoy_Crypto

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Ben Armstong handles the BitBoy_Crypto account, providing essential crypto details and updates. BitBoy initiated his journey with a game that later held his own in the industry. He is an investor, and he provides information, and this account remarks as one of the most boldly trustworthy groups.

BitBoy_Crypto is a verified account with 420k followers on Instagram.

6. StartInvestInCrypto

Linas Juknevičius is the owner of StrartInvestInCrypto. This account contains different posts, videos, informative content, charts, education, news, trading, gaining profit, learning, and many more. StartInvestInCrypto aims to offer complete knowledge with their learning courses to the freshers in the crypto world.

StartInvestInCrypto has about 11.5k followers on Instagram, and you can also find this account on other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

7. CoinsCapture

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Like other accounts, CoinsCapture also offers informative content, posts, and links about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. They provide regular content, facts, updates, news, memes, tricks, tips on trading, and other essential education.

CoinsCapture account has about 11.4k followers on Instagram. You can also find this account on other social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Medium to gain further knowledge.

8. Felix_hartmann

Felix Hartmann is a popular managing partner of Hartmann Capital; he is also well-known for being a crypto hedge fund manager with its Instagram account. He facilitates all the essential tips and tricks on trading and other life tips.

Felix_Hartmann’s account has about 52.8k followers on Instagram; you can also find his youtube channel for better understanding.

9. Girl_gone_crypto

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This is the last Instagram account on this list; Lea Thompson is the owner and handler of this Instagram account. This account is growing its followers insanely. This account focuses on the increasing crypto adoption and offers essential tips and tricks for trading and bitcoins. Girl_Gone_Crypto regularly adds informative content on her account, and she was recently named a female crypto influencer of the year.

Girl_Gone_Crypto account has about 25.7k followers on Instagram, which provides the best video content about cryptocurrency.


As mentioned above, Instagram accounts are very effective for better learning and gaining essential knowledge. These accounts provide day-to-day updates, tips and tricks, informative videos, posts, memes, graphs, trends, quizzes, insights, and much more critical content, which helps a person correctly invest their money in the correct period.