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Tips For Travelling with Your Dog

by Tracy Finke

Travelling can be a rather fun experience. However, preparing to travel is a different ball game, and sometimes, we forget to make preparations for our dogs when we carry them along and they end up missing out on all the fun. There are so many different breeds and they require different ways to prepare them for the journey. And this also largely depends on your mode of transportation, the destination, hotel or villa policies and so much more.

Keep your dog relaxed during the flight. Staying calm and happy helps your pet in many ways. They’ll likely feel safer too. Always talk to your flight attendants about boarding your pet, but be prepared to pay the extra fee if they are afraid to do so. Ask the attendant if your pet can stay in a carrier until they arrive at your destination. This way, your dog can be comfortable and you won’t be stuck sitting next to them, potentially having a panic attack. Find out about pet travel crates too, so you’re prepared for your flight.

It can be a lot to think about. Some dogs require special care because of their sizes or other underlying health conditions and without knowing what to do or where to start from, you might start panicking from just thinking about the idea of taking your dog on a trip. So, here’s a list of the tips and tools for traveling with your dog.

6 Tips for Travelling with Your Dog

1. Test Run a Road Trip

Source: iga.com.au

If you’re traveling by road, you can take your dog out in the car and try a test drive with your dog. Then you can find out how to make them comfortable, how many times you’d need to stop and if they have any adverse reactions to being in a vehicle for long periods of time, and their reaction to unfamiliar areas. The test run can be for a few hours and you can even try visiting friends your dog is not yet familiar with to know its reaction to people and new environments.

2. Purchase Supplies

You need to make sure that you get all the necessary supplies that your dog needs to travel. A dog carrier or crate, blankets, puppy pads (to remove traces of any bowel accidents or nausea), medication, a leash or strap, and food.

You need to make sure that you purchase enough food from the brand your dog eats. This way, even if you don’t find that same brand at your destination then you are prepared till you find something else that works.

3. Make sure you Pack Necessary Accessories

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When it comes to accessories there’s a long list and some depend on the destination. If you are going to cold areas, you need to get doggy jackets to make sure that your dog doesn’t catch a cold.

You need covers for their paws if you’re hiking or entering rough terrain, a hairbrush to remove dead fur, portable bowls for feeding, and an extra collar or strap in case there’s an emergency. Instead of fussing over how to take your dog along on a trip, you can have your dog looked after by a pet sitting company like uk.holidog. It will help a lot.

4. Ensure that your Vet sees Your Dog before Leaving

Before going on any trip with your dog, you need to make sure that your vet checks and properly vaccinates your dog before you leave. You also need to make sure that you find vets in and around your destination to ensure that you can get emergency care. Visiting your vet also helps you get an understanding of any special needs your dog might have and anything you could do to make the adjustment to a new place easier.

5. Read the Fine Print about Dogs Before Booking Accommodation

Source: telegraph.co.uk

One of the biggest challenges is finding dog-friendly establishments to accommodate you. A lot of hotels do not allow you to bring dogs, so when traveling with your dog, you need to make sure that you book your accommodation beforehand. If you’re staying in a Villa, a rented apartment, or any other kind of accommodation, you need to first make sure that they are dog-friendly and also come equipped with things like dog doors, a nearby park, and other basic necessities your dog needs in the environment.

6. Get a Traceable Collar

A traceable collar is important in case you lose sight of your dog. This can be a collar with an in-built tracking device or just one with your contact details engraved on it. Collars with trackers are better if you’re traveling to a place where there are language differences.

Some other helpful tips include getting toys to keep your dog occupied, treats, and a blanket. For camping trips, you need to make sure that your tent has enough room to accommodate your dog, get a harness for bigger dogs and a strong leash and make sure you have food and water for the trip. Have your dog walk, or run around a little before the trip, ensure that the dog’s area isn’t stuffy and there is breathable space and if you’re worried about motion sickness, you can have your dog sedated by your vet so it doesn’t get sick.

There are so many things that you are required to do before you can travel with your dog and these aren’t including your own plans and itinerary. Before you go on any holiday, take note of your pet’s needs and always pack for him accordingly.


Take a Pet Backpack with You

Source: chewy.com

Although it may look difficult to carry a dog backpack on your own, it is easier if you are travelling with a pet. Ensure you carry all his things in the backpack and make it a habit of doing so every time you go on a holiday with your pet.

Add an extra set of clothes to the backpack as well. It is very easy for your dog to get used to not wearing his collar and leash all the time and may forget to put his collar and leash back in the backpack when he is put in the car.