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Many Benefits Of Learning Piano Online Vs. Traditional Method – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

Learning anything new in today’s time takes us to Google. That is the place where we can find an answer to everything. The search for a piano lesson also ends online.

It is only naïve to underrate the enormous knowledge and endless resources available online, at our fingertips. To explore a new idea or enrich your existing knowledge, simply come online. Similarly, they can play instruments online as well – piano, guitar, flute, drums, etc., without a real teacher physically present to guide you.

With smartphones and tablets, piano apps are now the most intuitive resources to learn. Unlike the traditional ways of learning, you can use an app and learn at your own flexible timing using your portable gadget.

People often wonder whether this would be a good idea and whether it would be wise to learn how to play the piano, a magnificent musical instrument, classically, or online. To determine the best option for you, understand the major advantages of online classes.

Fundamental Differences Between Traditional And Online Piano Lessons

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Generally, traditional piano lessons are scary, having negative connotations for various reasons. However, when you come online, as a novice with no prior knowledge of the piano, you can still take your lessons.

  • For beginners, online courses offer the freedom of learning from scratch free of cost. Of course, some excellent paid piano lessons are also available online. Besides, if there is a change in the education or the course is upgraded, it is easily possible to access it online. These lessons also implement new teaching methodologies and the latest trends.
  • Experts in the field of piano give lessons to people who want to learn from scratch. No prior experience is required to start the beginner’s piano lessons online. Experts have the necessary qualifications, skills, and training, and they share it with students online.
  • Another major difference is that you don’t have to leave your home when you are doing an online course. You are free to learn from your home, at any time, using your smartphone or computer and the internet. Courses are flexible and you are free to learn anytime.
  • When you practice online, you need not know about reading music sheets to begin your lessons – online piano animation visually guides learners to understand which notes to play on the keyboard. Most of the online lessons, such as latouchemusicale.com have interactive apps that allow users to plug the keyboard to interact with a virtual piano and learn whenever you want – the MIDI Connection. Some apps feature guided methods to track your accuracy and provide feedback.
  • Over and above the joy of learning a musical instrument and playing a tune you love, there are other benefits of learning a piano. It increases the capacity of the human brain and sharpens cognitive abilities. When you choose to learn a musical instrument online rather than someone physically guiding you, it improves your management and organizational habits too.
  • Some piano learning apps feature the loop wherein you can choose a sequence of a particular song and continuously play the song in a loop to learn it quickly. It is one of the greatest advantages of online piano lessons.
  • Besides, the online library has thousands of songs of different genres – pop, classical, rock, anime, movies, jazz, etc. Moreover, it teaches you all difficulty levels starting with easy to expert.

Advantages Of Online Piano Lessons

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  • There are several advantages to taking online piano lessons. Considering the difficult situation we are facing, everything is now online. Learning has also found a new dimension on this podium.
  • Over millions of valuable resources are available online for learners, which includes tutorials, lessons, discussion forums, e-books, and articles offering the necessary information to improve the level of learning
    Besides paid memberships, members can also enjoy offline programs and lessons for a nominal cost. Some online classes also offer free resources to save costs.
  • Websites and apps share resources and information as knowledge, ideas, and facts coming directly from expert piano players and professionals
  • Online resources must be updated frequently compared to physical books or manuals. Besides, innovative methodologies and the latest trends are also implemented with the updated lessons
  • A wide variety of songs, techniques, genres, and details is available to learners. You can choose from any of the options and continue to practice as many times as you want
  • If you fail to follow a step, or you cannot remember a pattern, you can always revert back and make mental notes
  • You would also find libraries entailing rhythms, patterns, tricks, and lessons readily available and easy to access
  • Online piano lessons are more convenient – you can learn wherever and whenever you want to practice and learn. You do not have to leave the house as you can conveniently log in from anywhere and start learning. Geographical flexibility is the greatest advantage of online classes

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  • You are free to start with the basic level of piano lessons followed by intermediate and advanced lessons according to your knowledge and expertise
  • Piano lessons are tailored to teach students right from the basics so that even students without a musical background can follow
  • There are several approaches in music to strengthen learning with graphics, videos, apps, descriptions, etc.
  • Online piano classes are interactive, especially the live classes and here you can find a huge collection of piano sheet music.


When you are considering the pros and cons of learning piano through a website or an app, versus learning traditionally from a piano teacher who visits your home or you travel to the music class, there would be many points. Only you can decide the type, of course, you want to join – traditional or online. The course format that makes you comfortable and ensures you are focused would be the right solution. However, take a quick look at the benefits of the online piano learning method to widen the horizon of your knowledge and ensure better learning.

The internet is a powerhouse of resources, making piano learning a lot easier and offering promising lessons with related resources for deeper and better learning. It is only prudent to say that online learning has completely changed the method of learning the piano with structured lessons and well-designed tutorials.