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4 Benefits of Pneumatic Tube Transport- 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Ever observed the power of compressed air? If not, we can do you a favor. For instance, place something inside a tube that has dual openings. Now, blow some air from one end of the tube. The object will move with great speed and will go out from the other end of the tube. This is the phenomenon behind the Pneumatic tube transport.

This transport system has wide applications. But it has been widely used in hospitals, as it can send sensitive products quickly from one place. Furthermore, the products remain safe during their transport. You can learn more about the system and its installation. Or you can click here to go to wasecurity.com to get the best transport facility.

How does the pneumatic tube system works?

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The pneumatic tube system works by placing the products in a tube, which goes to a safe place. As someone puts the product in the tube, there will be an air pressure to move the products. This pressure air will take the product to the receiving station. Thus, a quick and easy way to transport products from one end of the store to another.

But if it is not enough,

For instance, you are working in a large departmental store that has multiple stories. The owner of the store needs to secure his money and prevent any sort of theft. Therefore, a piping system will connect all the cash points of the store to the receiver. The receiver or receiving point can be a locker with a numeric lock that only the owner knows. Thus, after every 2 or 4 hours, the cashiers will send all the money to that safe locker. They will only have to place the money in the pipe that gets its opening from a locked door. You can make a small cabinet with a lock that will secure the pipe opening. The cashier will open the door after the set intervals and will place the money in. As this transport system is safe and prevents any damage to the products, it has wide use in pharmacies and hospitals.

The advantages of using pneumatic tube transport

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This transport system is the most secure, fast, and yet simple and reliable method of transporting objects around a building. Instead of making a person travel from the first floor to the top one, simply place the item in the tube. The air suction will move it to the top floor without any effort. Therefore, because of the ease of use that this system offers, it has several advantages.

1. Suitable for fragile products

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Moving fragile products is the trickiest thing to do. Therefore, it is hard to take responsibility for such items, especially for mere workers. For example, taking blood samples and sending them to the top floor through a person is highly likely to cause problems. There is a chance that the blood samples might get mixed up. Or the transporter might get hit by a passerby and the blood sample fall down.

Therefore, sending such sensitive products to the right place is very important. Patients’ attendants are so much worried that they are likely to cause such accidents. Therefore, a suitable method to transfer such sensitive objects is through the pneumatic tube transport system.

2. Can transport things quickly

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The quickest method to transfer objects from one place to another is this pneumatic tube system. The speed of air is much faster. In addition to this, there won’t be any hindrance in the way. For example, medicine needs to be sent to the hospital’s top floor for a serious patient. What are the options that are available to the hospital? Sending the nurse or a doctor? That’s it?

What if the lift does not work? It will take a long time to travel 5 to 10 floors by stairs. Furthermore, the medicine won’t reach the patient on time. Hospital is a really sensitive place. Therefore, they need to have everything ready beforehand. No one knows what happens next.

That is why, to send medicines, test tubes, samples or any other thing that needs urgent delivery, pneumatic tube transport is the best solution. Instead of making a person move different floors, you can put the medicine in the tube. The air will push it to go to the designated place.

3. Less human resources

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You cannot make the staff transfer things all day. If it is a place like a departmental store or hospital, no one is always free. Either you will have to hire some extra staff for this purpose or wait for someone. When someone seems free, you can ask him to transfer the object. But certain things need priority, and they cannot wait.

Therefore, the pneumatic tube transfer system significantly reduces the need for manual labor. You won’t have to wait for someone or ask someone to transfer something. You won’t even have to leave your place. Usually, the opening points of the tubes are placed around the desk. So if you are a cashier in a departmental store or receptionist in a hospital, you won’t be leaving your desk.

4. Lower risk of theft

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When it comes to money, who can you trust? Can someone even trust him/ herself? Everyone is greedy in this world. If not for money, some things are important to certain people. They are highly likely to steal them.

For example, someone wants to manipulate your test results and you won’t even know that. As you send your blood sample to the hospital, someone can actually change the sample on the way. On the other hand, when the staff uses pneumatic tube transport, there won’t be any such risk.

Moreover, if you are handling a departmental store, how can you check on every cashier? Someone might steal money while transferring it to the storage locker. Therefore, to prevent such risks, you can ask the cashiers to send the funds after regular intervals.