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Why Learning Piano Online Is a Game Changer

by Dangula Bingula

Whether it’s a Bach fugue, an Elton John song or a Broadway tunes, who hasn’t listened to beautiful piano music and wanted to produce it themselves? Hearing music we love makes us want to play it too, and it’s never been easier to learn the piano than with online lessons.

Here are a few reasons why you’re going to love learning piano with online classes.

Wide Pool of Teachers


It used to be that people took music lessons from whatever person happened to be plastering flyers on to the local telephone poles, but now the pool of potential teachers has opened up to the broader world.

Webcam video technology and internet connections are so ubiquitous that there are teachers all over the globe conducting online lessons. This means the odds of finding a teacher who will truly match with your learning style and musical sensibilities is much higher.

The importance of having a teacher who is a good fit cannot be overstated; it could mean the difference between being inspired to learn music and having to force yourself to practice, which in turn could mean the difference between joyously playing the instrument for years and turning your back on it altogether.

For more advanced students, you can click here to see how these lessons get you access to a wider pool of teachers who are specialists in the genre or subgenre of music you love the most.

Convenient and Time-Saving

Taking lessons online means you don’t need to commute anywhere, and in our busy modern lives this is a huge advantage. If you have to spend even 20 minutes each way commuting to a 45-minute music lesson, you’ve basically doubled the amount of time it takes out of your life.

There are better ways this time can be spent, for one, it’s good to practice immediately before and after your lessons, to loosen the fingers for your lesson and to work through the material while it’s still fresh in your mind.

Learning music in the comfort of your own home also means that you’ll never forget to bring your music books, tuner, metronome, and other materials you need for class.

Also, with an online program like Playground Sessions (learn more here), you don’t even need a teacher. You can just watch the videos on the site and ask questions in the community forums to further improve your skill level.

Music is a Gift


Finally, playing music is a gift. The reason that most parents would love for their children to play an instrument is that they know music enriches life to a degree that’s difficult to put into words.

Online lessons are a simple, enjoyable way to learn from real experts without having to leave your home. It’s never been easier to get this gift for yourself by signing up for online piano classes, so if you’ve ever considered learning, now is the time.

The internet has absolutely transformed the way we live our lives in too many ways to count, but what it’s done for music development is nothing short of extraordinary. Now you can have a professional musician from anywhere in the world essentially in your living room, guiding your fingers. Sign up today, and you’ll be tickling those ivories in no time!