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Largest Swimming Pools In The World!

by Elsa Stringer

When it is summer time, you usually see a lot of people relaxing around the pools all over the world. But, none of those are quite astonishing as the ones that we are going to show you today. There are a lot of cool pics of pool all around the world – still, nothing compares to these.

The Hansen Dam Recreation Center


The Hansen Dam Recreation Center is located in LA, California. One of the major attractions of this center is this swimming pool which has 1.5 acres in size. What is funny is that this pool is right next to a lake, which is not good for swimming anymore. We think that it can contain up to 3000 swimmers at once!

Piscine Alfred Nakache


This pool is located in France and was made back in the 1950s. We are talking about 1.8 acres pool here, which is one of the biggest and oldest pools in the world. That is a fun fact. There are both indoor and outdoor pools here in this complex.

The Dreamworld Fun Lagoon


You would have never guessed that Pakistan has one of the largest pools in the world. But, that is in fact, true since this one is 2 acres in size. The special thing about Dreamworld Fun Lagoon is that this resort and theme park actually host the largest freshwater swimming pool in the world. Rowing, boats, swings and all kinds of fun stuff can be seen here.

Hayman Island Resort Pool


Even though it’s not the largest on the list, we can make a case that this one looks the coolest. It’s the largest pool in the southern hemisphere, at least they say that. We don’t know whether or not that is true, but we don’t know that it comes in 2.1 acres in size, which is impressive.

Laguna Bahia Pool


From eastern hemisphere, we are jumping to the western hemisphere, but we are also making a big jump in size of the pools since this luxurious Laguna Bahia resort offers a pool that is around 3.5 acres in size. Kayaking and windsurfing are also present here, which is always quite fun to see.



Now, this is actually crazy. This one is as big as all of the pools that we had before this one combined. That’s amazing. We are talking about an impressive 17-acre pool that is just a thing of beauty. We are going to describe this pool as a mini sea for people that are members of this country club.

San Alfonso De Mar


66 million gallons of water and 20 acres. Do we need to say more than that? This pool is as big as more than 6000 backyard pools combined. It’s located right next to the sea and is usually filled with salt water, but much warmer than the sea nearby.

Citystars Sharm El Sheik


The king of all pools. The biggest pool in the world. It’s located in Egypt and offers us quite an amazing sight. At 23.9 acres, it dominates this list. The cost of this thing was over 5 million dollars – some would say way too much for a poo. How about the fact that it takes three weeks to fill this pool? Everything about is amazing, that’s the bottom line.