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3 Tips to Purchase and Use Your Above Ground Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaners

by Tracy Finke

Like any form of swimming pool, an above ground swimming pool needs to be properly maintained. The major merit that an above ground pool enjoys over an in-ground pool concerning cleaning nonetheless is that an above ground pool is less prone to rising ground-level particles like lawn clippings and leaves.

Nevertheless, it will constantly require to be maintained, and that is why an above ground pool vacuum can be the best friend to have around when it comes to cleaning your swimming pool.

There are certain things that have to be taken into account before deciding on an above ground pool vacuum. This is because there are several versions and brands with a host of various functions. For instance, if what you have is a pool located in an area with large leafy trees that will definitely shed, then you have to put this into your plan when purchasing a vacuum.

Being well-informed can help you on the brand of above ground pool vacuum that will meet your needs. Again, if your pool is not a large one and does not have any leafy trees around it or any other problems to worry about, then a plain and affordable one will easily suffice.

As it stands, it is important you should be well aware beforehand that problems related to pool cleaning will not simply go away with time, and frankly, pool cleaning and maintenance is something you will continuously be doing whether you use it or not.

How to Pick the Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner

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Picking the best deal is a tricky ground to tread; the following points will help you find the best pool cleaner.

1. Type of Dirt to Clean

The main thing to do when attempting to pick an above ground pool vacuum is to determine exactly what you desire the cleaner to do. This means the kind of particles your pool vacuum will be cleaning. You need to take this action because all are not made in a similar fashion. Some do well when cleaning sticks, acorns, leaves, and the like, while others do well when it comes to cleaning sand, dirt, sediment, and a host of other particles.

2. Pools Surroundings

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Now, examine your pool and the surroundings properly. Do you have big trees? Do you have overhanging branches around your pool? Do you spot a grassy land area devoid of trees? If you are close to a construction site, the dust, as well as dirt, will certainly settle on your pool that will eventually settle on the bottom of your beautiful pool. As soon as you understand the nature of your area and you are aware of the type of debris you will be dealing with, you can decide on the best type of above ground pool vacuum that will be most helpful to you.

3. Types of Vacuums

Based on the foregoing, you may either need pressure or suction type of cleaner.

1. Pressure-Side Vacuums

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Pressure-side vacuums deal better with acorn and leaf. They are connected inside the pool wall and work off of clean, sifted water flowing into the pool again. The way the majority of these pool vacuums operate is by sprinkling water straight up via a throat and into a cloth bag or net. The moment this net or bag is filled with debris and leaves, the cleaning is done. They are confined to the net that connects to them. If the container is too fine, the water will not flow through, and the suction will have a problem underneath. If the container is too porous, the entire debris that is being taken out will just pass into the pool again.

Pressure-side cleaners do great work on bigger debris in that the debris has a short route to pass through the throat into the container that renders the above ground pool vacuum quite effective when it comes to cleaning acorns, sticks, and leaves.

2. Suction-Side Cleaners

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Suction-side cleaners are the best when it comes to cleaning sediment, dirt, and sand. They are attached to the inside pool wall or the skimmer. This device operates on the suction that is supplied from the circulation device or filter.

The instant sand and other smaller debris are pushed through the base of the cleaner. Bigger debris will be trapped in some areas. If there is an alternative inline leaf to appear, this will be the initial place the bigger debris will be trapped.

The improvement in technology that humankind is witnessing presently is simply surprising. It was only some years back that the first automatic pool cleaner was introduced into the market, and even though the appliances were greatly instrumental, yet they were nothing compared to what is obtainable these days. So, let’s see one of the best options you can get today.

3. Dolphin Pool Vacuum

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Dolphin is the leading automatic pool vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Here we will examine a top-of-the-line Dolphin automatic pool cleaner like Dynamic Pro X2. This product is so effective that it not only rid the water of the minutest debris but it also scrubs the pool surfaces.

  • This technology marvel equally comes with artificial intelligence that enables it to make quick decisions when moving about underwater pool barriers like islands and corner stairs that are found in contemporary pools.
  • Another good thing about using this pool cleaner is that they come with wireless remote control and a vast array of easy-to-apply cleaning features to contain a host of cleaning alternatives.
  • It has an easy-to-spot automatic indicator that allows you to know the status of the filter.

The Dynamic Pro X2 is one among the several forms of Dolphin automatic pool cleaners, and the major thing they all share is that they are well produced to provide a long duration of dependable pool cleaning services.

There is nothing to be compared with jumping into a bright, clean pool whenever you feel like it, and any dirt can and will spoil the pleasure that comes with using the pool. Hence, it is essential to ensure that your swimming pool is supplied with the best above ground pool vacuum that perfectly caters to the cleaning needs of the pool.

Whether you need an above ground pool vacuum or an in-ground pool vacuum, we are sure that you will get a good quality product as per your requirements after reading this post. I would also suggest that you pay a visit to YourSwimLog.Com where you can find many more options with detailed pool vacuum reviews.