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Landing a Gamer Girlfriend – Here’s What You Need to Know

by Dangula Bingula

Now, let’s get one thing straight: a gamer girl is not a mythical creature that you need to look for tirelessly. There are a lot of girls who have no problem admitting that gaming is their favorite hobby. This is why we will move on from how to meet a gamer girl to where. And the answer is not surprising at all – the internet!

An online gamer dating service is the perfect choice for someone in search of a girl who is as passionate about gaming as they are. But, when you meet one, it is still not a done deal, and there are some things you need to know if you want to secure that second date with her, according to gamerdatingservice.com.

Keep your excitement in check


A lot of single gamers tend to be over eager when they meet their female counterparts. This is due to the inaccurate myth that there are not a lot of girl gamers out there, and so when they meet one, they get too excited. This is very off-putting for female gamers, so much so that a lot of them choose to hide their identity online, often playing as male characters and using male avatars on gaming forums, so as to avoid constant pickup attempts. So, when you have met a gamer girl, make sure you contain your excitement and treat it like any other date.

Don’t get all competitive on the first date

Yes, you are a gamer and it’s in your blood, but it is better to keep the competitive side in check until you get to know each other a bit better. When you date video gamers it is inevitable that you will play something together eventually. But it is never a good idea to do that on the first date. You can be a lot more relaxed and give a hundred percent once you feel more comfortable with someone. Doing your victory dance in front of a girl you just met after you have killed off her character might not send the perfect message.

Make it a conversation, not a monologue


When we talk about the things we love and are passionate about, we tend to go overboard and cast a very wide net. This is not a good idea. Even if the gamer girl sitting opposite you understands exactly what you are talking about, it would be wise to contain yourself and ensure you ask a few questions in between, so that you get a dialogue going instead of a gamer’s rant, which we all know can very easily happen.

In addition, don’t make the whole evening about gaming. Yes, you are lucky you have found a girl with whom you can talk about it, but there are a lot of other topics that are relevant as well. Gaming is her hobby, not who she is, so you should make an effort to meet the girl, find out more about her, and see if there is some actual chemistry between you two.


This is how you land a gamer girlfriend. It takes a lot more than a shared love of gaming to build a long-lasting relationship. So, you can use gaming as a starting point, but you need to have a lot more substance and chemistry between you in order to make the date and any future interactions a success. So, be appreciative that you are on a date with a girl who loves gaming, but make sure you get to know all of her and not just parts.