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Top 3 Unexpected Reasons Why Gamers Make Great Marriage Material

by Dangula Bingula

The word ‘gamer’ is usually associated with a pimply teenage boy who spends every single minute of his free time playing video games and doesn’t even mind if he’s by himself or in a room with 15 other people. It’s not like he’d notice them anyway. Still, you can’t help but wonder, when that boy grows up what happens to his gaming obsession?

Does it just magically disappear when he gets a 9-5 job and is simply too tired to care after work? Does he grow out of it? Actually, in most case, gamers are pretty loyal to their love of video games that adulthood doesn’t affect it at all, according to gamerdatingsite.net. They grow up to be experienced gamers who might or might not be weird, but one thing is for sure – they actually make great marriage material. Before you delete Tinder and jump to the first gamer dating site you see, let’s take a closer look why you should absolutely date a gamer if you’re looking to settle down, and start a family.

#1: They’re Financially Stable


Boys who like video games are usually those who are interested in computers and techy stuff to begin with, and who’d much rather work on designing apps, creating software, and code everything they can get their hands on than choose a career that isn’t, well, digitalized. Perhaps they’re graphic designers or SEO analysts or software engineers.

Whatever they do, it’s computer-related, making them above-average earners. What’s more, they’re usually not big spenders as they lead relatively quiet lives, and their financial situation is pretty stable as a result. They offer security to their partners and probably have money invested since they were 17. They’re much more likely to have a hefty nest egg to fall back on than a bunch of loans they’re unable to pay back.

#2: They Lead Relatively Small Lives


Gamers are usually introverted, don’t like people all that much, and aren’t big fans of the outside world. They’re unlikely to be DJs, bar owners, flight attendants, pilots, or doctors. They choose careers that don’t take up their whole lives, and even if they pull all-nighters it’s because they’re playing Wii, not because they’re rushing to meet a deadline or a new squeeze.

They’re pretty dependable and loyal and are unlikely to have a wandering eye that can ruin a long-term relationship or marriage. The fact that their lives aren’t terribly exciting doesn’t mean their personalities are all-nighters. It just means they offer stability, which is one of the key elements of any marriage.

#3: They’re Smart


If you want to date single gamers, be prepared to date a guy who’s actually pretty smart. He had good grades in school and completed his degree in a jiffy. He probably had his first job while still in high school, which helped him build a good work ethic and gain a ton of experience. He might not like to travel much, but he’s probably extremely well-read, holds the right kinds of values, and understands what life is all about.

Granted, he might not care for decorating much as most of his apartment is filled with gaming computers, board games, and video games, so don’t count on ever having a living room straight out of a magazine if you end up marrying. However, what you’ll have for sure is a person who’d much rather spend time with his family than be out partying with friends. He’ll be more than happy to help his future kids with their homework, take out the trash, and help you in the kitchen. In other words, he’d make a great husband.