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Kyle Kuzma Net Worth 2024 – How Much Earns This Popular NBA Basketball Player

by Elsa Stringer

The LA Lakers are back! According to the games so far, perhaps the 2024-2024 season is one in which the Lakers will win the NBA league title again. Their fans have been waiting for the title since 2010, and given the roster of the team, we believe that the waiting time is over.

Currently in the Western Conference, the Lakers are the first with score 17-2 in wins and losses. Compared to the previous season, for example, before the 2018-2019, the roster is really stronger with All-Star players LeBron James, Dwight Howard, and Anthony Davis. But there is also Kyle Kuzma.

Kyle Kuzma


Lines.com reports that the last of them, Kyle Kuzma, has been part of the team since 2017. For the past two seasons, he has become one of the key players and was one of the best individuals on the team last season. Now, alongside James and Davis, Kuzma is definitely one of the best in the LA Lakers team. Given his good games, we decided to dedicate today’s text to this young basketball player. Below you’ll be able to read some information about his life, career and of course net worth. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

The Early Life of Kyle Kuzma


Kyle Alexander Kuzma or just Kyle Kuzma was born on July 24, 1995 in Flint, Michigan, United States. His mother’s name is Karri Kuzma. He also has siblings, half-brother and half-sister, Andre and Briana. Kyle met his real father once when he was very young, so that figure in his life was replaced by Andre and Briana’s father Larry Smith. He is also the most deserving of Kyle later becoming a professional basketball player because they often played basketball together.

During his childhood in Flint, Kyle could be exposed to many bad things, primarily because it was hood known for violence. However, since he spent a lot of time on the basketball court, he wasn’t part of this. As for Kyle’s education, he attended Swartz Creek Community Schools, after which he enrolled at Bentley High School where he played basketball for the school team.


Kyle’s basketball career began at the University of Utah in 2013. His most successful season at the university was 2016-2017 when he averaged 16.4 points, 2.4 assists and 9.3 rebounds per game. This fantastic season meant that it was time for Kuzma to appear in the NBA Draft, which he did in 2017. Prior to that, he graduated with a degree in sociology on the University of Utah.


In the NBA draft, he was selected as the 27th overall pick by the Boston Celtics. However, he never played for this team. Kyle was traded together with Brook Lopez to Los Angeles Lakers, while Timofey Mozgov and D’Angelo Russell went to Boston.

After signing a multi-year contract, Kuzma played a pretty good rookie season. He averaged 16.1 points, 0.4 blocks and 6.3 rebounds with 1.8 assists per game. Unfortunately, he failed to make the playoffs with the team in the first season because they were 11th in the end. In second, 2018-19 season, he averaged 18.7 points, 2.5 assists, 0.4 blocks and 5.5 rebounds per game. However, the team again failed to make the playoffs as they were 10th in the Western Conference.

However, after the new players who signed contracts before the start of the 2019-20 season, the LA Lakers are playing much better than in previous seasons. Kyle Kuzma is one of the best players, along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They are currently the first in the Western Conference. Kuzma averages 11.7 points, 3.6 rebounds, 0.8 assists and 0.3 blocks per game this season. We must emphasize that he played 15 out of 19 matches at the time of writing, achieving this statistic.

Kyle Kuzma Net Worth


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Since being a member of the LA Lakers for the third straight season, Kyle has been able to establish himself as one of the most important players on the team. His good games will surely affect the signing of a new contract. However, at present, his net worth is estimated at $3 million.