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From Breakfast Nooks to Dining Rooms: Modern Kitchen Tables for Every Space

by Rhydian Choi

Your dining room is a primary location for comfort and discussion, whether you’re eating dinner with your family or entertaining guests in your home. There are several ways to personalize and decorate your dining area to suit your needs and preferences. Finding a dining table set with both individuality and utility is one of these methods.

Here, we will assist you in selecting the ideal table for your dining room.

How to Choose a Modern Kitchen Table

You should pay attention to several criteria when choosing a modern kitchen table: size, shape, material, style, and price. Let’s start from the beginning.

Choosing a kitchen table size

A decent rule of thumb is to buy more than you think you’ll need. Even if you don’t eat at the table as a family or if your family is tiny, your dining room may be spacious enough to accommodate a larger table.

Use the following tips to figure out the proper size for your dining table:

  1. Take measurements of the length and breadth of your dining room.
  2. Make sure there is a three-foot clearance on all sides.
  3. These measures yield the maximum suggested size for a dining table in your area.

Choosing a table’s shape

Source: sastybale.com


A rectangle table is perfect if you want a more conventional look and have more area to work with. Besides, this is the smart choice for dividing open-plan houses.


Square tables are trendy and work well in square-shaped dining areas. However, this type takes up a lot of room and only seats four people. Unless you select an expandable model, this is not a good option for those who have lots of guests.


It is excellent in period settings but takes up a lot of area. Although rectangular dining tables are the most popular, circular tables have certain advantages. Since circular tables do not have corners, your family and friends will have more room to move around to locate their seats. This improves the flow of your eating area. Round tables may take up a lot of space in a tiny dining area, but they make the greatest use of your limited space.

Choosing the material

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The material you pick for your kitchen and dining room set will be determined by considerations such as your budget, the purpose of the table, and the design of your kitchen or dining room.

Do you prefer dark, woody elements?

Wood is the most popular material for dining tables since it is flexible and works well in a variety of settings. You have the option of hardwood, composite wood, or softwood. Hardwood is the strongest and long-lasting alternative, with options like walnut, cherry, and mahogany. Hardwood is more expensive than other wood varieties.

Looking for a more elegant approach?

Glass dining tables provide a touch of modern elegance to any room. This is a simple-to-clean dining table that adds elegance to your dining space. You may not be able to enjoy the look this table type gives when clean and shiny if you have a full home with little hands leaving prints everywhere.

Fan of an industrial aesthetic?

Metal is a strong and long-lasting material for dining tables. It provides a sleek, stain-resistant surface that looks great in modern and industrial houses.

Do you want more luxury?

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Marble dining tables add a rich, expensive feel to your dining area while also providing an easy-to-clean, gorgeous surface. This table form is ideal for modern and glam settings where high-end elements are skillfully integrated throughout the room.

Need a budget-friendly material?

Dining tables made of synthetic materials are extremely lightweight. When compared to other materials, this is a more cost-effective choice. Such dining tables are fantastic because they can be made to seem like more expensive ones, such as wood.

The Best Modern Kitchen Tables for Your Room

Now that you’ve decided on your tastes and budget, it’s time to explore a style that fits your needs. Below, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for a modern kitchen table.

Greeny Round Dining Table

The base is open and airy, with round and angled pieces that combine to produce a sculptural composition. Its contrasting materials create a stunning center point in the dining area for an attractive perspective.

Plie Extension Dining Table

Source: roomservice360.com

Pull-out extensions provide plenty of space for dining or simply relaxing with friends and family. For nights in a more private atmosphere, they can be retracted.

Lycos Kitchen Table

A spherical top rests beautifully on a sculptural base, curved and slanted conically till it curves back inside near the end, creating a chess piece-like appearance. Perform a few easy steps to arrange the table to accommodate more visitors to gain extra room.

Air Wood Table

The geometrically designed base has two glass pedestals that run vertically and horizontally for a striking, multi-dimensional impression. Even though the glass appears weak, it is sturdy and holds up the top. The wood top, which is nature-inspired and rustic, provides lots of space for the entire family to dine while still being aesthetically beautiful.

Skorpio Round Dining Table

The dining table is excellent for both the open kitchen and a small dining area. It has a dramatic base with a playful amount of geometry that makes it a stunning focal point. An optional center swiveling tray in various glass finishes helps optimize the circular surface.

To Sum Up

We hope this guide has provided useful information on which table to purchase for your house. Select a practical, effective table that complements your décor. Dining tables are vital in building a house, whether you go more traditional, try a new trend, or go for a more creative option.