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Revive Your Outdoor Space with Abrasive Blasting

by Rhydian Choi

Your outdoor living space may look tidy, but your pavement, driveway, and pool area may need deep cleaning. This is especially true if you have mould growth or car oil stains surrounding your home or business.

That’s when you should consider using such as sandblasting services. As part of abrasive blasting, this and other types of cleaning can make light work of heavy cleaning requirements.

Abrasive blasting is a process that uses a pressurised machine to push out water, sand, or air to clear away coatings, dirt, or substances that are difficult to remove. If you’re a home or business owner, abrasive blasting is often the only way you can successfully clean your outdoor space. Find out how in this post.

Types of Abrasive Blasting

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The type of abrasive blasting you choose will depend on your requirements for your outdoor landscape. Here are the different types of blasting methods and what they’re used for:

  • Metal grit blasting: Metal grit is pushed through a hose using a pressurised machine. This method is used to remove paint, oil, and rust from metal surfaces.
  • Sandblasting: This uses sand grit and is ideal for removing dirt, oil, and paint from wooden surfaces.
  • Water blasting: High-pressured water is used to remove dirt, moss, algae, and stains from pools, fountains, and walkways.
  • Soda blasting: This method uses soda bicarbonate for blasting and is useful for removing contaminants from surfaces.

Tips to Revive Your Outdoor Space with Abrasive Blasting

Remove Oil Stains from Your Driveway

If you regularly work on your cars in your driveway, you’ll likely experience oil spills on the ground. Unfortunately, no amount of bleach and scrubbing is going to remove the oil stains from your driveway.

The best way to remove dark oil marks is to get a professional blasting services to remove the layer of oil. A method called shot blasting uses a variety of abrasives such as iron grit to remove oil or expose areas where the liquid has deeply seeped into. Different sizes of abrasives are used to remove stains from concrete driveways.

Blast Away Mould and Dirt on Fountains

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Over time water fountains can grow mould, dirt, and algae along the inner and outer parts of the structure. Lack of maintenance will cause dirt build-up that’s difficult to remove if left for a long time. Bird droppings, dirty water, and debris can stain the fountain making it look dull.

You’ll need to deep clean your fountain with abrasive blasting. But first, prepare for the service by draining your fountain of any excess water and removing debris such as leaves and mud. Water blasting mixed with an abrasive can be used to remove grime from the inside and outside of your fountain to restore it.

Clear Away Old Coatings on Your Deck

Wooden decks are easy to maintain and can withstand harsh elements. However, over the years the coating on your deck will start to darken and your floors will look old and soiled. Make your deck look brand new again by removing the varnish or stain from the wood and then recoat it.

The best way to remove old coatings from wood is by using abrasive blasting with sand. This type of blasting shoots silica abrasive particles to remove the top layer of wood. It works quicker than using an electric sander and it’s more effective.

Remove Paint on Walls and Floors

Has someone vandalised your walls and floors with spray paint? Or perhaps you have old paint peeling off your walls. Using paint removers or hand sanders may remove some of the paint from a surface but not all of it.

Whether you have a floor with paint spills or graffiti that you want to get rid of, abrasive blasting will be the only method to get the job done fast. Consider steel grit blasting as it’s the most effective method of removing paint from surfaces such as metal beams, windowsills, floors, and walls.

Spruce Up Your Pergola

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Pergolas can get dirty over time especially if they’re made from wood or metal. If your pergola is painted with light colours, visible dirt can make it look old and tattered. Make your outdoor structures look brand new again by removing stains, old paint, mould, and dirt with abrasive cleaning.

Additionally, you can remove rust from metal nails and fixtures on your pergola. Depending on what material your pergola is made from you may need to use sand or metal grit for the job. You can then repaint or stain the structure. If it’s made from wood, make sure you coat it with a protective sealant.

Clean Your Garden Walkways

Over time your garden walkways will start to look muddy which can affect the aesthetics of your yard. Other situations that make your walkways look untidy are moss growth and bird droppings. If you don’t maintain your walkways regularly dirt and grime become difficult to remove.

In some cases, the only way to clean stubborn dirt and grime from your walkways is to use a sand or metal abrasive blasting method. If you’ve used softer material to pave your walkways, then you may want to use water blasting instead which still works well for removing stubborn stains.


Are you ready to make your outdoor space look inviting again? Consider the tips in this post to help you choose the right method of blasting for your project. And trust professionals that understand the particular type of task.