Kim Kardashian Poses as a Blonde Mermaid

by Elsa Stringer

Everyone knows full well that Kim Kardashian West always goes over the top with her photoshoots. For the latest KKW Beauty campaign, she went all out again and opted for a mermaid outfit and blonde hair. For the Celestial Skies collection, she showed of her glamour and style by wearing metallic clothes and platinum hair. Kim K, 39, rarely has her hair light like this, but the beauty mogul and entrepreneur does not shy away from new looks.

Kim Kardashian Poses as a Blonde Mermaid

She was blonde before, many times actually, but we do not recall her hair being this shade. It is both wavy and frizzy, while being very long. This could be the longest her hair has ever been ever. This is exactly how a mermaid’s hair would look like after a swimming session in the sea.

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She posted the photos on her immensely popular Instagram page, where more than 157.3 million people follow her. She captioned it off with the following:

“I’m so excited to introduce to you new, never been launched before @KKWBeauty products: 5-pan eye shadow palettes, lip crayons and blush palette trios! The Celestial Skies 5-pan eyeshadow palettes are all you will need to create a gorgeous eye look. They are the perfect size to travel with and the colors from each of the 3 new palettes are so versatile.

Celestial Skies 5-pan eyeshadow palettes

I’ve also created a new Lip Crayon in a formula that provides rich and creamy coverage with a lacquer finish that will be available in 5 colors. To complete your look, we will also be launching a beautiful blush trio in both shimmer and matte finishes. Each of these products will become your everyday glam essentials and I cannot wait for you to experience them! Launching 01.24 at 12PM PST KKWBEAUTY.COM #CelestialSkies”

Kim Kardashian Poses as a Blonde Mermaid

The person responsible for her new hairstyle is none other than her main hair specialist Chris Appleton. He shared one of Kim’s photos on his IG page and wrote this: “You all know blonde Kim k is my fav.” The famous celebrity hairstylist has commented before on how much he enjoys coming up with new memorable and strong hairstyles for his VIP clients. Doing something like this for Kim surely supports his claims!


He also mentioned the tools for these stunning mermaid waves, and it is the Mermade Hair Waver. This special three-pronged curling iron can create amazing waves easily, and it the whole process feels effortless. The IG page of the brand says that celebrities simply adore their new product, including Sofia Richie.

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