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Khloe Kardashian Reveals The Most Embarrassing Moment On KUWTK

by Mary McFarren

For the 20 seasons that they’ve been airing, Keeping Up With the Kardashians have seen their share of ridiculous moments. Still, there is one mortifying moment that still haunts Khloe Kardashian.

In a People Show, Khloe revealed that she had several incidents where she felt embarrassed. After going through some of the awkward moments she experienced on the show, Khloe described the episode when she lived through the cringiest one. It was the candy bathtub gig.

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While being married to Lamar Odom, Khloe and her older sister Kourtney came to the idea to film a sex tape for Khloe’s then-husband. The clumsy video featured naked Khloe with a sucker in her mouth, lying in the bathtub while Kourtney is pouring candy over her. The older sister then grabbed her cell phone to record bare-chested Khloe who was trying to look seductive. The tease was anything but sexy, and Khloe can still remember the uncomfortable feeling while filming the clip.

“I remember taking a bath naked with a bunch of candy and Kourtney’s filming me,” she recalled. “It’s just like why am I doing this on camera? It’s so mortifying.”

Khloe Kardashian is probably the one who changed the most during the show. She went from a girl to a woman in front of the camera, trying out all different styles and just figuring out her own path in life. The Good American co-founder talked openly about the struggles as well as the fond memories that marked her role in the reality show. “When you’re younger, you’re just figuring out your own self and you don’t really know [what] you’re doing and it’s okay to admit. We have no idea what we’re doing!”, the 37-year old said.

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In the beginning, Khloe didn’t have her own style yet wearing whatever the stylists on the set gave her. And she was thrilled about getting free stuff just like any other teenage girl would be. Khloe says that, despite all setbacks, she has no regrets for being part of the reality series, but instead looks at it as a learning experience. She says: “It’s more like, ‘Okay might not want to do that again. Or that color didn’t look right on me. It’s more fun looking back.”

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Today, Khloe is sticking to what she knows best – wearing jumpsuits. She says that she always felt comfortable wearing them, even when they weren’t in fashion. However, here comes Kim! “I’m always been a jumpsuit type of girl,” Kardashian says. “I’d been wearing it, but they weren’t cool. But now that Kim’s wearing the one-piece outfit [and] everyone’s wearing it. I’m like, ‘Okay, continue to wear it my one-pieces all over again.’ So thank you, Kim.”


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Nowadays, Kardashian is a part of the SHEIN x 100K Challenge – a show that brings together young designers from all over the world and pairs them with their mentors. Khloe got to work with Sasha, a Jamaican-Canadian fashion designer who won the competition. A size-inclusive brand “Flaws of Couture” is built on the ethos that people of all shapes and sizes deserve to look and feel their best. Khloe and Sasha were a perfect match!