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Tips on Keeping Your Vehicle Neat If You Use It a Lot

by Sinke Car

Keeping your car tidy is not an easy matter, especially if you use it at work and as a means of transportation for the whole family as well. That’s why we come to the rescue with this article! Here, you will find some clever gadgets and tips that can make the task much easier.

The first thing to do is general cleaning. Look into every glove compartment in the car, push back the seats as much as possible, look into the pockets in the doors, and even under the rugs – throw away or at least take everything you find there out. After that, vacuum the interiors thoroughly and wash the car on the outside. When it’s finished, try to bear the cleanliness in mind, it will be easier to keep it that way. And this is important because our first rule is:

Throw away what you don’t need on a regular basis


It’s easy to say and harder to do, but you can believe us when we say that practice makes perfect. So start with planning to dispose of the garbage on a regular basis, and make it a rule. For example, clean at the end of each day, or try taking what you don’t need there every time you leave the car. Take everything – a single receipt, a coffee cup, a paper bag, or a leaflet you found behind the doormat, and you threw it inside. With time, it will become your new habit, and you will do it automatically, without thinking or planning in advance. You can be sure it will be a life-changing habit.

It’s also a good idea to always keep a pack of wet wipes at hand to be able to clean a spill or anything else as soon as it happens. In general, try to clean messes as soon as you can; don’t leave anything for later, because the mess will only grow.

Clean up regularly


Apart from keeping your car tidy on a daily basis, you still need to do a bigger clean-up once in a while. It’s best to set a routine and make a habit out of it as well. For example, decide to wash your car every first Saturday of the month, or whichever day suits you best. Wipe the dust, remove any stains from the dashboard and upholstery, clean car mats (you may want to opt for rubber mats, as they are more convenient to keep them clean because you can wash them under running water), etc. Then, wash your car on the outside.

Take care of the car body

After you’ve cleaned the inside of your car, it is just as essential to wash it on the outside. You can go to the car wash and clean it thoroughly there, or do it at home (well, outside your home) using, for example, a garden hose, or buckets of water. When it’s clean, you can also make it shiny by using car wax. Go to My Car Needs This website to read more about car waxes.

Organize all the necessary items

Keeping your car tidy means not only general cleaning and throwing away the garbage from the storage compartments or the floor. It also means knowing where those things that can be useful in case of an emergency are.

If you keep everything tidy in your vehicle, you won’t have to worry where you hid, for example, the flashlight or the spare dipped-beam bulb. Make sure each item has its own place, e.g., you can put the flashlight in the glove box on the passenger side and ensure that you always put it back there. A set of the most important bulbs and fuses should also be easy to find. If you buy a ready set, it will come in a convenient and aesthetic box.

When everything is in place, you can set off on a journey at any time of the day or the night without any worries.

The trunk is also important

Many car owners seem to treat the trunk as a kind of trash can, but it doesn’t have to be this way. It really shouldn’t! Since today, try not to put in the trunk items that you know you won’t use later in the future. You can place an organizer in it, a bag that, thanks to special compartments, will allow you to organize everything you have in your car, e.g., car cosmetics, tools warning triangle, etc. You will appreciate this solution next time you will be looking for something in your trunk.

Get a trash can


It may seem funny, and you may wonder where you would put it, but there are trash cans specially designed for cars. You can also buy a little, regular trash can and keep it in the designated place. You will thank yourself later for the purchase, as you won’t have to gather trash every time you leave the car.

Have an air freshener


It’s a known trick, but nothing adds to the whole impression of cleanliness as a pleasant smell. You can get the most common one that will dangle from your rearview mirror, but there are also those that you attach to your vents. The air comes out from the vents smelling good already!

If you want something 100% natural, you can peel a pineapple, put the large pieces in a freezer bag, and place the bag on your dashboard. It works, and it smells incredible.

Enjoy your rides!

Well, now you can truly enjoy the tidiness of your car whenever you jump in, whatever the reason for your ride. You will avoid the feeling of embarrassment when you give someone a lift, and you will feel more comfortable in a place where you spend a lot of time daily. Remember to clean regularly and always put everything in their place. The car is a temple for every driver, so how can you keep it messy?