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7 Tips for Keeping the Kids Entertained at Home During the Long Winter Months

by Tracy Finke

Winter is coming. Some people are happy because of that while others barely wait for the winter to end before it even started. Generally speaking, holidays that people celebrate during the summer is something that makes this part of the year special.

However, do kids like winter? Well, they certainly do like to get presents for Christmas and New Year. Despite that, many kids simply adore playing in the snow. But, you as a parent, can’t just leave your child to play in the snow for the entire day. The health of the child needs to be the main priority.

Kids become nervous when they can’t go outside and play after they finish their homework. That is the reason why parents do not know how exactly they should make the free time of their kids interesting.

Without any doubt, that is the problem that all parts have. We decided to share a few tips for keeping the kids entertained at home during the long winter months. The list of tips below will certainly wake up your creativity and give you some practical solutions. Let’s find them out!

1. Treasure Hunt Inside the House

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Thinking of the most effective way to entertain kids requires a high level of creativity. Treasure hunt may be better as an outdoor activity. However, you can also organize it inside your house. Things can be especially entertaining if your living place is a bit bigger as you will have more space to play.

So, is it going to be enough to make a map and hunt goods together with your kids? Well, if you want to ensure additional entertainment, it would be good to get the pirate costumes. In that way, the treasure hunt is going to be much more entertaining for the child.

2. Cook Together with Kids

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Here comes another reason when you will truly have to be creative. Cooking can be a lovely and annoying activity at the same time. We are pretty sure that, after a tough day at work, the last thing that you want to do is to bake your favorite recipe.

One of the options to make cooking and baking entertaining is to complete that part of the job together with your kids. However, these activities must not be annoying at all. More precisely, kids should not consider it as a duty.

So, what you can do? For starters, find a recipe online. The child, of course, will not manage to help a lot. That is the reason why you should give your child some simple tasks and explain in a friendly tone how certain tasks should be done.

There are two reasons why spending free time this way can be good. First of all, your kid will spend more time with you which automatically makes his free time more entertaining. Despite that, your child will start to learn about different recipes and overall cooking entertainingly. Who knows, maybe cooking becomes his/her passion one day.

3. Arts and Crafts Are an Amazing Option

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Let’s make something clear. Many parents understand that creative activities are good for the development of a child. However, it is not going to be enough to get a coloring book and give it to your child. Something like this may not be interesting to your kid at all. Instead of that, you should participate in those activities together with your child.

Parents should organize some bigger projects that require more creativity. However, these projects must not be too complex as kids may not have fun that way. Something you can organize is designing personalized T-shirts, creating homemade gifts for someone else, assembling a wreath, etc.

4. Make a Laboratory of Your Kitchen

It is the right moment to become a scientist for a second. During the winter, kids can try out a science experiment (together with you). The ingredients necessary for the experiment are something that you already have at home. For example, you can use salt, sugar, milk, water, etc. Wake up your imagination and use everything that you have at home.

However, for the safety of your kid, ensure that they do not drink something you make together.

5. Organize an Indoor Picnic

Who says that organizing a picnic outdoors is the only option that you have? You can do exactly the same thing inside your home. Your child and you should get a single blanket and place it somewhere in the living room. After that, you should pack everything from cookies to juices and enjoy the picnic.

There is one more thing that you can do. Look on YouTube for nature sounds and make the picnic more realistic. You can turn on the sounds of birds, wind, or ocean and make the indoor picnic more pleasant for the child.

6. Make Free Time of a Child More Entertaining with the Internet

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The online world is an excellent place to look for entertaining activities. You can always allow your child to play games there. However, do not practice the same activity that often. The Internet offers a lot more than just games, and the opportunities you can find there can improve the child’s mentality in different ways.

For instance, your child can try out to learn a musical instrument during the winter. Allow your child to pick the one he likes the most. Despite that, you can turn on a different educational cartoon where your child can learn something new. We suggest you check out dcins.com after reading this article and check out all the ways you can make the free time of kids more entertaining during summer. They analyze everything pretty well.

7. Exercise with Your Child

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This can actually be beneficial for both of you. You should, for instance, turn on music and exercise together with your child. Your child does not have a lot of opportunities to run outside. Because of that, this can be an amazing way to boost his physical activity and cardio (and yours as well).

To make things more entertaining, allow your child to think of the exercises the entire family should do. Allow him to be the one that all the family members will follow.