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10 Tips for Making Snack Time Healthy Time for Your Kids – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

There is nothing wrong with kids having a little snack between meals. However, it’s a good idea for parents to control what their kids eat as snacks. Left to make their own decisions, kids will select snacks that might not be healthy for them.

As a parent, you have control over your child’s health for about 18 years. Within that timeframe, you have an opportunity to teach your kids how to eat healthy snacks on the way to living a healthier lifestyle. What kind of healthy snacks? A visit to the BalanceofNature website provides useful answers.

It’s your responsibility to designate and prepare the snacks you want your kids to eat for younger children. For older kids, you can let them choose and prepare their snacks based on specific parameters. To help you select healthy snacks, here are ten nutritional snack recommendations.

1. Veggie Time

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Chopped vegetables will store very well in the refrigerator if put in a container full of water and sealed. After slicing carrots, celery, and maybe cucumbers, you will have easy access to provide a healthy snack that includes a nice low-calorie dipping sauce for extra flavor.

2. Got Milk?

Preparing a snack for the kids does not have to be a daily ritual. Sometimes, a simple glass of cold low-fat milk will be enough to get your kids from one meal to the next.

3. Focus on Whole Grains

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It isn’t easy to get enough whole grains into kids through standard meals. An excellent way to supplement what they get is at snack time. Some good whole grain snacks include popcorn and whole wheat bread with maybe a little peanut butter added.

4. Protein Meats

You might not have considered it, but a slice of deli meats wrapped around a piece of fruit or veggie can make for a tasty treat.

5. Kids Like Variety

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Unlike adults, kids like a little variety. If you wanted to mix things up, you could try preparing daily treats that include a combination of unsalted nuts, dried fruits, and maybe a little yogurt mixed into a smoothie.

6. Can’t Go Wrong with Fruits

You can’t go wrong if you keep an adequate supply of fruits in the house. It takes little to no effort to hand your child an apple, banana, dried apricots, or a handful of cherries. Most fruit juices have too much sugar content.

7. Control Size of Snack

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Remember, this is a snack, not a meal. It’s up to you to dictate your child’s intake. It would help determine how much they eat at mealtime and how long it is until the next meal.

8. Make It Fast

During a busy day, you might not have time to make a snack. If that’s indicative of the family’s lifestyle, make sure all snacks are convenient and easily accessible.

9. Avoid Sugars

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Yes, most kids have a sweet tooth and would prefer candy or a piece of cake. Too much sugar is bad for their health and could play havoc with their sleep patterns.

10. Give It That Homemade Touch

If you have time and feel a little creative, you can invent some homemade snacks that include some of the foods and food groups mentioned above.

How to make snack time healthy?

Snack time might be difficult. It is easier to take the potato chips’ bag rather than look for a better option. What kind of snacks can the family enjoy eating? Or what makes up a better snack?

Make the snack time a success

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– The good snacks’ amount lasts until three days between lunch, but you need to ensure to consume the snack around double hours before your following meal.
– For your lovely kids, it is great to provide snacks several times each day. On the other hand, it is a good initiative for teenagers as well. For instance, if they take breakfast at 7.00 am, the mid-morning snack would arrive until 10 am and the lunch is at noon.
– Make it straightforward. Getting around three food groups for every snack can assist in bringing a balanced diet.
– Provide fruits and veggies like snacks. It may assist kids or teenagers in meeting their fruit’s target and veggies per day.
– Limit distractions throughout snack times – keep away from browsing websites, watching TV, or playing games during snacking. It can make you eat enough to meet your starvation in terms of mindlessly munching.
– When you take the summer journey or travelling, it is great to pack some healthy snacks for every day for the entire family to experience. You will seem better about what the family is consuming or might spend less money.

Keeping the healthy snacks in the refrigerator

– Hard-boiled eggs even create an awesome easy snack. It would be best if you prepared for them on either Saturday or Sunday evening. Thus, you can get enough for the whole week. Keep in mind that the moderation-aim for over seven eggs for a week per person.
Low-fat dairy choices: Put the cottage cheese’s container into the refrigerator to snack on with a lot of fruit. It can pair beautifully with pineapple. A variety of great dairy foods like cheeses, or a cup of milk.
– Hummus is a wonderful source of protein since it is derived from beans. You need to dip the fresh vegetables like carrots, and celery into hummus for a savoury snack.