Keanu Reeves With Cyberpunk 2077 Action Figures to Be Released

by Elsa Stringer

With the release of Cyberpunk 2077 fast approaching, McFarlane Toys is issuing a set of action figures to accompany the game’s release in April 2020. The set consists of game protagonist V and three figures of Keanu Reeves.

It is a great opportunity to own Keanu’s figure as one of the most iconic characters of the RPG world. The V figure comes as a generic protagonist since every player will be able to model their character in-game as they wish. Keanu’s character, on the other hand, is being released in three different versions.

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V figure will be 7 inches tall and comes with a pink katana, an SMG, and a pistol. Johnny Silverhand, Keanu’s character, will have two issues of 7-inch figures, one with a nuke and a gun and the other with a guitar, a bottle of whiskey, and the ability to show horns. The third version will be 12 inches tall screaming Johnny with a guitar.

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