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Kate Middleton Looks Stunning Whenever She Wears Green

by Nebojša Vujinović

Whenever she picks out a green outfit, Kate Middleton steals the show. No matter where she appears and what formal event she attends, green looks stunning on the beautiful brunette.

Green suits her and she is aware of it. Her stylist is the one responsible for it, and he says that matching eye and outfit color is one of best style tricks you can go with. This is the only reason behind her favorite clothing color.

Source: Yahoo

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According to him, wearing clothes that match your eyes makes you look fresher and more glamorous. Green makes Kate more elegant without putting much effort into picking out a combination and spending too much time getting ready.

Source: Daily Wire

Her green pieces often include coats, hats, and dresses. She owns multiple similar pieces in similar shades of green, from light to dark, which makes combining them together a breeze.

Source: Fashion Colony

The Duchess of Cambridge also owns green scarves, shoes, handbags and clutches, and gloves. She sometimes wears these green accessories with other colors and styles too.