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Kate Beckinsale (46) Shows off Her Flawless Body in a Bikini!

by Elsa Stringer

Even though she is approaching her 50th birthday, the actress looks like a teen…

Kate Beckinsale is one of the Hollywood’s most adored actresses not only for her talent and remarkable roles, but also for her beauty and unbelievable figure.

Despite the fact that she turned 46 in July, the actress manages to keep fit. Even the younger girls dream of having the Kate Beckinsale’s figure!


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Amazing stay at @nobuloscabos . Thank you ❤️☀️?

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In order to be fit, Kate works hard every day. She avoids sweets and exercises every day. No wonder she doesn’t hesitate to share Instagram posts which capture the results of her exercise routine.

The minute she posted photos of herself in a beautiful black bikini, the comments were on fire. Everyone started complimenting the actress’ looks. Among the comments, there were those who wondered whether she chose a high-waisted bikini in order to cover the “flows” which come with the aging.


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Out of office ? @nobuloscabos

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However, Kate posted the photo in other bikini and proved that she has nothing to hide! Therefore, she assured everyone that age is not an excuse not to work out hard.

Kate is the living proof that taking care of your body will definitely pay off.

Kate Beckinsale


So, ladies, if you want a perfect figure by the summer, you should start working on it. And keep in mind – age is just the number!