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Donald Trump Lost His Trademark Golden Hair Overnight!

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 04/17/2020: Donald Trump now talks to the press at least once a day, as it has become a sort of tradition during coronavirus crisis. If you have been tuning daily to his pressers, then you must notice that something is different with POTUS. Don’t worry; you are not crazy, we saw it too.

After his latest press conference was over, the 45th President of the United States threw Twitter into a frenzy. No, it wasn’t thanks to one of his tweets that leaves no one indifferent; it was something else. We couldn’t believe it when we saw it, and we are sure you felt the same.

Donald Trump

Source: politicalflare.com

Donald Trump apparently changed the color of his hair. The recognizable orange that was his trademark of sorts, together with his orange face, is no more. During the presser on Friday, we had a chance to see a new President Trump. Now, POTUS has a silver-gray hair color to him.

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The new hair is here, and what’s also unique are thousands of theories why are things now as they are. According to one Twitter user, Donald Trump wants a new look for the upcoming elections. POTUS certainly changed during his four years at the office, and now he wants new Trump for another four years.

Other ones had a different opinion. Many are suggesting that there could be an issue of cosmetic nature. People believe that Trump’s hairstylist is not available due to social distancing. Because of this, POTUS had an attempt with someone who knows his hair to a lesser extent, or he did it himself.

Of course, there are those who believe that he now has gray hair because he is under a lot of stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever it is, Trump shouldn’t worry about his supporters. They are loving his new looks. One Trump supporter wrote: “I love the gray hair on President Trump. Greatest leader this country has ever had.”

Source: politicalflare.com