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Ivanka Trump Lambasted By Critics For Her Hypocrisy!

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/17/2020: Ivanka Trump seems to be above the law. Critics have panned her for breaking social distancing rules and guidelines. The same rules and guidelines her father’s administration imposed. Administration she’s a part of.

The guidelines suggest that you should avoid traveling if it’s not truly necessary but, Ivanka went on a holiday trip to New Jersey. She spent Passover, together with her husband Jared Kushner and their children, at the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

Ivanka Trump

Source: express.co.uk

New Jersey is one of the hot spots of COVID-19 in the United States. After New York, New Jersey is the most affected are with coronavirus. At the moment, there are more than 70,000 people infected with more than 3,000 deaths.

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Unlike her behavior, her tweets are saying the right things. When pandemic started, in March, the first daughter said this: “Practice social distancing & save lives! Follow all CDC guidelines, and please, please stay home if you are able! #TogetherApart.”

Five days later, she was thankful to those who “are self-isolating and self-quarantining and following the CDC guidelines.” Ivanka changed her mind obviously after she stated the following: “We’re all in this together. We’ll emerge from this stronger than ever before, and maybe more deeply and profoundly connected with our own humanity and our core values.”

Ivanka Trump was one of the members of Donald Trump’s administration who promoted CDC’s guidelines the most. When it was announced that the social distancing measures would be in power until April 30th, Ivanka was on board with this.

At that time, the first daughter said: “It goes without saying that this will be an enormous challenge for all of us individually and collectively. But those lucky enough to be in a position to stay at home, please, please do so. Each and every one of us plays a role in slowing the spread, and social distancing saves lives.”

It’s a shame seeing Ivanka not following her advice, and many people were not satisfied with her.

Washington Post’s Philip Rucker said: “Federal guidelines against discretionary travel and DC’s stay at home order apparently don’t apply if you’re Ivanka Trump or Jared Kushner.”

Bill Clinton’s former secretary of press, Joe Lockhart, added: “There is not a single rule that applies to Ivanka and Jared. They are the chosen ones and it’s only the rest of us that have to follow the rules.”

Source: express.co.uk