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Kanye West Lives In The Stadium, Refuses To Leave It Until He Finishes His “Artwork”

by Nebojša Vujinović

Rapper and designer Kanye West does not stop shocking the public and his fans. He surprises more and more every day, and the new move of the famous rapper literally left everyone speechless.

Thus, information has now surfaced that while working on his new studio album “Donda”, he lived at a stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.

The rapper organized a party last week to listen to the album, and planned to release the record on Friday. However, he postponed the release of the album to August 6, but he still lives at the mentioned stadium, where one of his locker rooms has been turned into a room.

Kanye’s representative told “The Associated Press” that the rapper plans to stay at the stadium until he finishes his 10th studio album, which he is very proud of.


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This news was confirmed by the rapper himself, who posted a photo from a locker room on his Instagram account, which was turned into his bedroom. In it, West has his own bed, the most basic wardrobe and a few pairs of shoes from his “Yeezy” collection.

“What an artist! He dedicated himself to the album, no one wants to disturb it!” and “This Kanye’s room is like a prison cell!” are just some of the comments from West fans, who can’t wait for the rapper’s new album.

source: globalnews.ca

The album will be called “Donda” and it was named after Kanye’s beloved late mother Dondi West, who passed away in 2007 after undergoing liposuction and breast reduction surgery.

The next day she died in her house due to complications. An autopsy showed that her heart was in poor condition and that it was the cause of death.

After that, the so-called Donda’s law was brought, which requires cosmetic surgeons to do all the necessary tests before surgery and thus confirm whether the patient can undergo it.

By the way, Vest’s soon-to-be ex-wife Kim Kardashian and their four children also attended the party where  he presented the album, so many commented that the couple remained on good terms even after the divorce.