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Kanye West Confessed he Broke Wedding Vows Given to Kim Kardashian

by Nebojša Vujinović

There’s no fidelity in this world anymore, it would seem. At least celebrities find it hard to stay loyal to their prettier halves. In recent days there’s a lot of stories regarding Kanye West’s infidelity to Kim Kardashian. This shouldn’t surprise us, as Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce, so who’s safe? West went outside the boundaries of his marriage during his 2016 tour where he promoted his Life of Pablo album. He promoted something else too.

While this was a highly kept secret is seems Kanye run his mouth during the same tour. While having conversations with the members of his entourage he bragged that he made love with numerous groupies during his Saint Pablo Tour. So, he’s not only good at rapping verses but also in talking about what’s he doing behind his wife’s back. The claims he made became public after one of the members of his inner circle confirmed this.

Source: hollywoodreporter.com

Now that he’s officially divorced from Kim Kardashian he decides to give the entire tale a spin-off. His long-awaited album Donda is out, and one of the songs mentions his deeds. If you took some of your time to listen to his alleged masterpiece, you probably noticed the song titled Hurricane. In this song, he throws around terms such as still playin’ around and new chick.

While the focus right now needs to be on his new-released album, which is going hard against Drake’s CLB, West’s personal life just can’t leave him alone. It would seem that the Jail rapper started having issues with alcohol and other women once his daughter Saint was born. He gave her an interesting name, considering that he just stopped being one if he ever was.

A source close to the rapper went into hard details regarding Kanye’s deeds. This is what he had to say about the info Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband said: “On his Saint Pablo Tour he was flipping out in front of his team, confessing to sleeping with girls behind Kim’s back. He even said he’d been f***ing groupies and went into insane detail about his sex sessions, it was very graphic, his language was unreal.”

Source: bigwnews.com

It seems West knows how to talk outside his verses, which are in recent times often religious. Well, my man, you strayed from God’s path. His antics weren’t well-received by his long-time associates who worked on the tour. The new members didn’t know what happened, and they believed this is how the rapper always acts when off-stage.

But, the truth is quite different. The same source added additional info: “Nobody could believe what he was saying in front of everybody, it seemed he was having an episode and was very manic.” It was at this moment that everyone knew that Kim had it rough with Kanye for a while. When the news about their divorce became public, people who worked with West on tour weren’t surprised at all. The same source also commented on the ramifications his news songs could have in the future: “It’s probably going to be hard for Kim now he’s confessed publicly in his music, and his kids will one day understand what those lyrics mean.”

While they’re divorced and new details came out that makes Kim’s filing for divorce decision expected, she still supports her ex-husband. The reality TV star was present for each of Kanye’s listening sessions and fully supported his music despite the split. Unfortunately, Donda was met with mixed reviews, and at one point it was even mocked by the official page of Peppa Pig. At the same time, it’s going head to head with Drake’s latest piece titled Certified Lover Boy. With all of this said, West’s future looks messy.