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Kamala Harris Properties Are Not Limited Only to California

by Nebojša Vujinović

Kamala Harris reached the pinnacle of her political carer. So far. For one, she’s the first female president of the United States in History. But, even before that, she had an amazing public career. Before joining the White House she was the attorney general for the state of California from 2011 to 2017. After that, she rose even higher and served as the governor of California in the following four years. This year she managed to get near the top as she’s the vice-president of the USA standing right next to president Joe Biden. She spent most of her life in California, so it is no wonder most of her properties are in this state. But, after joining Biden’s cabinet in Washington she now has real estate in the DC area too. In this article, we are going to stroll from one coast to another and see what Mrs. Harris has in her portfolio.

Where is Kamala Currently Located?

Just like with any other vice-president, the location of her stays in the same – The Blair House. We are talking about one very luxury hotel, which is a home for Harris right now as it was for many of her predecessors. It is a place located on Pennsylvania Avenue standing close to the White House. It was first built back in 1824 and acquired for the government in 1942. Its purpose as the guest house for visitors of the White House came to be after one Winston Churchill created havoc while staying in the WH. That’s a whole another story, but you’ll be glad to hear that this place is larger than the White House itself boasting 70,000 square feet of space with 119 rooms, 14 bedrooms, and 35 bathrooms. This hotel is going to remain home for VP until their official stay is redecorated. But, they’ll be a part of the history of this place together with other senior politicians that stayed here including Vladimir Putin and Queen Elizabeth. But, what about her true future home in Washington?

Source: en.wikipedia.org

Number One Observatory Circle

Yes, this is how the official residence of all vice-presidents is called. As one could guess, even Joe Biden lived here. It was transformed to this intention in 1947 but the first VP to stay here full time was Walter Mondale who did it from 1977 to 1981. This place lies on 12-acres of land, and it features a home built in Queen Anne style. It is allowed to vice presidents to leave a personal touch once they are staying there so this home has more authenticity than some other similar places.

Source: architecturaldigest.com

Kamala Harris First California House

As if she’s a celebrity her home is located in Brentwood, Los Angeles. While technically hers, it was bought by her husband. Doug Emhoff, her better half, cashed out $2.7 million for this real-estate back in 2012. But, in the first few years of their marriage, the house had both of their names written in a trust fund as the owners of this beautiful mansion. Many of you have already seen this place if you followed the virtual appearances of this couple during the pandemic. It is a cozy place that comes with four bedrooms and a pool and is located in upscale Brentwood.

Source: forbes.com

Another DC Property

Once in the Senate, Kamala had responsibilities tied to Washington DC. To this end, she bought a condo in the capital located in the West End of Washington, DC. It is quite something boasting two bedrooms on a piece of 1,700 square feet, offering plenty more than two beds. It offers a modern design with high ceiling windows that let light in, making it ideal for spending afternoons on the inside. Besides, it also comes with a personal gym, a pool on the rooftop, and housekeeping that is only icing on the cake together with available concierge service.

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Back to The Bay

This is one place that belongs to Harris’s roots. It is a house bought for $489,000 in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco. It was bought back in the day when Kamala worked as District Attorney of this city. We can say it boasted an ideal location for Mrs. Harris as it lies close to both the San Francisco Superior Courthouse and the Yerba Buena Gardens which is a local art museum. The best part is that it is not considered expensive especially by the By standards. When you add in the location, modern design, and convenience it offers, it is probably worth much more compared to the time when Kamala bought it.

Source: forbes.com