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12 Popular Jewelry Symbols and Their Meanings – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

It’s no secret that women like to feel beautiful, so they often choose jewelry that attracts attention, but can also hide flaws. Wearing it, women primarily express their personality and style, and very often their own mood.

Jewelry is a reflection of a woman, her character, and her sense of fashion. Just like clothing, jewelry reveals a lot about it. With it, a woman can highlight her strengths or hide her weaknesses, and in addition to her obvious decorative role, jewelry can also be a status symbol and an indicator of belonging to a particular social group.

Jewelry talks a lot about the person wearing it. More withdrawn types usually choose discreet jewelry, with no special details, while bold and confident people choose massive, striking jewelry. Traditionalists still brag, considering them the pinnacle of sophistication and so on.

Women who have a specific piece of jewelry for a specific clothing combination have artistic preferences but are often shy. They are good support and do not give in to current feelings.

What is especially attractive are the various pendants on chains, and even bracelets and earrings. They carry a special symbolism and below read what they represent the most popular.

1. Turtle pendant

img source: differencecoin.com

You’ve probably noticed that some girls wear a turtle-shaped pendant. The turtle is a symbol of prosperity and longevity. In addition, it signifies courage and a desire for change, as well as wisdom. This pendant is perfect as a gift for a person who needs support to think positively.

2. Butterfly

The butterfly symbolizes life and free flight. It also signifies strength and patience and tells us to never give up on goals. The butterfly was once a caterpillar and the very fact that someone changes so much can be an incentive for positive personality changes and spiritual evolution. Ana Luisa claims that butterflies represent metamorphosis, complete transformation, and ultimate freedom. The butterfly is the only creature capable of completely changing its genetic structure during its dramatic transformation process.

3. Clover with 4 leaves

According to an old belief, a 4-leaf clover brings good luck. Those who find it often carry it in their wallets believing it will bring them happiness and money. Each leaf is considered to carry a certain symbolism – the first for hope, the second for faith, the third for love, and the fourth for happiness. It also represents the four seasons, the four basic elements of life (water, air, fire, earth).

4. A cross

img source: sergedenimes.com

The pendant in the shape of a cross has long been a symbol of faith and happiness. The cross is a symbol of faith, divinity, and spiritual protection.

5. A symbol of infinity

The horizontal figure eight has long been recognized as a symbol of infinity and is a common way to express love to a loved one, mother, child, sister. Jewelry with an infinity pendant symbolizes precisely eternity and continuity that can be interpreted in various ways. Infinite love, faith, life, perfection, complementarity… What more could you want?

6. A heart

The heart is the most common and most recognized symbol of love. The heart is the one that chooses when to fall in love and when love happens, it is the most common enemy of the mind. The heart does not ask for age, distance, or material background, it only seeks another heart with which it will become one. The most common symbol of love is a heart pierced by Cupid’s arrow.

7. A key

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The Greeks and Romans believed that the key was actually the “key to life”. His power is to open the door to the gods to those who pray. It also helped them remember the past and predict the future. Lovers often give this pendant as a symbol of the door of their hearts.

8. Yin Yang

This is a symbol that tells us that there is something evil in every good and there is something good in every evil. In other words, one should always be optimistic in life and get a positive thing out of every situation. It also tells us to be careful and cautious when everything is going according to plan.

9. Anarchy

The letter A in the circle represents anarchy, powerlessness and is a symbol you will often see on “young rebels” and musicians. It also represents confusion, chaos, and a lack of authority.

10. Dragonfly

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The dragonfly represents happiness, courage, strength, purity, and wisdom. It is connected to our subconscious and dreams. It is believed that the dragonfly, if you meet it in nature, will bring you happiness and new knowledge, new beginnings.

11. Personalized pendants

This type of jewelry is very popular today, whether it is made of gold, silver, or any other precious metal. A pendant with the first letter of the name, the whole name, or a pendant of a family holding hands is something you will often see hanging around the necks of young mothers.

12. Best friends

img source: coolmompicks.com

Very often you will see a pendant half a heart with the inscription “Best” around the neck of the girls, while another friend wears a grunge half with the inscription “Friends”. This is a very popular way of marking a friendship between two girls. Of course, the pendant does not have to be heart-shaped, it can be puzzles, two slices of pizza, or anything else.

Final thoughts

No matter how luxurious the jewelry you choose, it will still be a useless gift if it does not communicate your effort and attention in an appropriate way. Instead of a lot of glitters, prioritize the message you want to send.

No matter what piece of jewelry you give away, it sends a message of how much you love and appreciate that person. For an effective gift, you do not need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to show your commitment to the person.

What is important when choosing jewelry as a gift is what the other person likes. Diamonds are not every girl’s best friend!