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Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Emma Decided To Change Her Appearance, And Her Mother Approves It

by Nebojša Vujinović

Emma Maribel recently appeared with her famous mother and surprised everyone by changing her hair color and image.

It is no surprise that the children of celebrities generally do not want to look or live like their famous parents. The pressure of the media, the spotlight, and growing up with paparazzi running around them all the time, all this may be a dream for some, but most of the children of the stars had to deal with all that every day and in a way, they forget what is the normal childhood that their peers mostly had.

On the other hand, they inevitably go through different phases, like all of us, so it should not be surprising that at some point they try to find themselves, but also their style and surprise with drastic changes.

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Numerous fans of Latino diva Jennifer Lopez were surprised by the latest paparazzi photos that reveal a great transformation in the appearance of her daughter Emma Maribel Muniz. The girl celebrated her 13th birthday in February this year, and like many teenage girls, she decided to show her rebellious side. She shortened her long black hair and dyed it turquoise. A significant change in her style of dress was also noticeable.

After the photos that were all over the media, many commented that it is more than evident that young Emma does not want to look like a famous mother, and because of her style she currently looks much older than her twin brother Max, who, as we recently found out, is not a fan of “Bennifer”

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On the other hand, some think that this transformation of the beautiful Emma is something completely normal, which is only a phase that the girls are going through.

“Her children look normal, especially her daughter. Well, I dressed like that when I was her age. Stop calling her ugly, we all go through stages and experiment with looks,” said one of the fans, while another added: “I’m happy that she doesn’t want to look like a mom, she has her own style!”

Apparently, this sudden change seems to be supported by her mother, Jennifer. Only a month ago, the Latino diva for Mother’s Day, took a set of photos in which she posed with her mother and daughter, and their similarities and differences were clearly visible, at least when it comes to appearance. Emma then had long hair, and in one photo she tied it in a ponytail.


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In another shot, the stylists let go of her hair and defined the curls, and many commented that Emma looked beautiful.

The singer has repeatedly emphasized how proud she is of her children she got with singer Mark Anthony. Although their marriage has collapsed, and they have found happiness in love in new relationships, they are trying to raise their children properly together.

Although this kind of transformation seems typical for girls her age, Emma still differs from her peers in some things from her biography. Thanks to her famous parents, she got the opportunity to perform at concerts, like the Super Bowl, and to be a guest in music videos, and she has already shown some skills in writing It remains to be seen where her life path will take her, but one thing is for sure – Emma does not want to be her mother’s copy.