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Jennifer Lopez Really Knows How to Wear the Latest Fashion Trend!

by Elsa Stringer

The older she is, the better her style gets! As the monochromatic style is at the top of the popular trends list this season, Jennifer Lopez has of course been keeping track of it. She went for a comfortable yet trendy look and she looks better than ever!

You can never go wrong with black and it a color sure to make you look breathtaking. Except the fact it makes everyone look good, the figure appears leaner in black.


For the past several months, leather pants and basically everything else hat is leather have been immensely popular pieces, so the singer and actress struck gold with this stylish look. It is no wonder that she has been among the best dressed women!

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She completed her leather pants look with a black turtleneck a long black cloak. To break all the blackness and give the style a little bit of diversity, she opted for a pair of white sneakers.


Here we have the ideal look for those days when you just do not feel like wasting too much time inventing new combinations. It is comfy and stylish, and you will look lean and slim. What more could you possibly want from your look?