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Jennifer Lopez Started the New Year With a Fashion Fail!

by Elsa Stringer

Although a bad fashion choice happens to her once in a blue moon, Jennifer Lopez has managed to start 2024 with a questionable fashion choice when she appeared in an awful pair of jeans.

The beautiful singer and actress is almost always dressed in such a way that each piece of clothing highlights the best parts of her. However, the paparazzi snapped a photo of her on January 1 while she was shopping with her children. It seems like she was hungover when she picked her outfit for the day.


She went shopping with her own, and the two daughters of Alex Rodriguez. For the occasion, she opted for a white shirt that she tied, showcasing her sculpted stomach. To complete this chic look, the beauty chose a black blazer and a pair of baggy ripped jeans.

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Objectively speaking, this fashion choice has everything necessary to be modern and chic, but the big problem is that the jeans hardly fit J. Lo’s body physique. Taking into consideration her height and the hourglass figure, they make her look somewhat stubby. Obviously aware of it, she tried to lengthen her silhouette by wearing a pair of see-through heels, but it did not do much to help the overall look.

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What do you think about her combination? Do you agree she could have done better, or do you perhaps like it?