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Jeffree Star Net Worth – Is Fashion Mogul a Multimillionaire

by Nebojša Vujinović

YouTube can make you money – a lot of money. By now even the kids know this, as many popular YouTube personas have made millions out of this platform. Jeffree Star is one of those who managed to make quite a fortune by being a YouTuber.

The man who makes his money by making makeup videos is one of the most popular ones in this domain. Thanks to the YouTube platform, Star managed to switch homes, so now he left his $20 million Hidden Hills mansion for a better place. Yes, you heard it well, the fashion mogul moved from California to Wyoming. This is not a move many celebrities would make, but here we are.

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Jeffree is of a different breed as he started to garner his following back in the days when MySpace was a thing. He managed to translate his work from this platform to YouTube very well, and today he owns his makeup brand called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Owning a brand in this industry translates well into money, and it is believed that his brand alone is worth approximately $1.5 billion. This is where most of his income comes from these days.

Of course, he didn’t leave his first love, YouTube on the side, and he still posts often on the video platform. Due to his involvement on the YT, we know that he diversified his portfolio and that now he is an investor in real estate and many other industries. This is what it means to be wise with your money. Star is an example that is worth following, and not only on YouTube.

Jeffree Star’s Net Worth

Like we said, his makeup company is worth north of $1.5 billion, so this makes up most of his fortune. On the side, he still has his YT gig which pays well considering he has 16.3 million subscribers. But, we must be aware that his company worth doesn’t translate into an equal ratio to his net worth. This is why it’s important to note that his current value is only $200 million.

We know he earns rather well, considering that he talked about it in great lengths when he was a guest with Shane Dawson. Shane is another successful YouTuber, who made a docu-series featuring Jeffree Star among other people. During the interview, Star claimed that he makes $100 million from his cosmetic ventures alone. It is not hard to believe his story considering that some of his products such as velour liquid lipstick and pigmented eyeshadow are very popular with the ladies.

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As we said, Star expanded his domain of work, so he’s not only focused on making makeup. In addition, he also owns various shipping centers and drop-shipping companies. This is all great and well, but his YouTube account also draws a lot of attention his way financially. Forbes did research into this and it is estimated that during 2018, Jeffree earned close to $18 million solely out of this platform. If you think this is great wait till you hear what he does on Instagram. He managed to strike a deal with Louis Vuitton which is often featured on his Instagram posts. He has a massive following on this platform and most of his posts are now sponsored. With 13.5 million people on Instagram, the self-made makeup artist earns plenty from any sponsored post.

After his move to Wyoming, Star made another interesting move as the trademarked Star Yak Ranch name. We can’t tell what’s he aiming to do right now, but he filed for various things including yaks fiber, clothing, and pert food. In the future, this could generate a lot of money for once only a famed YouTuber. Another high income could come his way, as it is estimated that he’ll earn more than $3 million only in taxes due to his move from Cali to Wyoming. The one downside is that he had to do this due to his deteriorating mental health.