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Ivanka Trump Wore Hijab in UAE And Trump Supporters Are Mad

by Sinisav

INDY100 – 02/17/2020: Ivanka Trump is on a diplomatic visit to the United Arab Emirates. During her stay there, she decided to visit Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. As it’s a tradition, she wore a hijab. Trump supporters in the USA didn’t take this very well.

The reason for her visit to the UAE is to speak at Global Women’s Forum in Dubai. She will also have a meeting with crown prince Sheik Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Ivanka Trump

Source: twitter.com

This is not the first time Ivanka paid a visit to this part of the world. But, it’s the first time she went to a Mosque and wearing a hijab at that. As we said, Trump supporters didn’t quite approve this move. Considering that POTUS is promoting Muslim-ban in the states, his supporters were left baffled with what Ivanka did.

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Twitter user @AnnetteGH86 commented: “When you travel the world promoting gender equality–but you and the other chicks cover your head and remove your shoes– while the men… Well…”

@PortiaMcGonagal, another Twitter user commented on Ivanka’s lack of acting skills: “If she’s going to persist in this performative shit, could someone get her some acting lessons? Can I nominate this for next year’s Razzies?”

“Welcome, Ivanka, to the long line of free women who voluntarily don a tool of religious subjugation that gets women beaten, imprisoned, and killed all over the world. Welcome to the long line of women w power who betray women without power. I’m so tired. #FreeFromHijab’’ – wrote @YasMohammedxx.

Other Twitter users were even harsher. They believe she should protest while in UAE rather than trying to please Muslim leaders. Twitter user @ajTrumpLady wrote: “I’m very disappointed that she wore the hijab. She should’ve taken it off inside the mosque and waved it on a stick. I know that Ivanka does a lot for women empowerment, but it was a major mistake for her to wear the hijab, even if she only wore it inside a mosque.”

The backslash at Ivanka was massive, and it remains to be seen the effect it will have at her father, Donald Trump.

Source: indy100.com