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Ivanka Trump Reveals a Shocking Decision Donald Trump Made in 2016

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 02/05/2020: Donald Trump made numerous shocking decisions during his time as the President of the US. It seems he knew how to make them even before he entered the White House. The first daughter, Ivanka Trump, remembers how thrilled she was when he made one of those back in 2016. It was during his campaign for the presidency.

Ivanka tells that before Trump’s campaign started to take off, her husband, Jared Kushner, wasn’t a big part of it. Furthermore, Donald was mocking him on occasions. But, as the campaign moved on and started to show signs of a victorious campaign, Jared became a vital part of it. With time Kushner began to be Trump’s right-hand man standing next to him at rallies and Trump’s meetings at Trump Tower.

Ivanka Trump

Source: express.co.uk

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner are responsible for bringing Paul Manafort on board and promoting him to the position of campaign chief. But, behind the scenes, the real chef was Jared. He was the one dealing with the campaign budget. This was something that made Ivanka proud. Unlike Ivanka, Donald Trump Jr and Eric Trump weren’t thrilled with this development.

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Trump brothers were sidelined during the campaign. POTUS also snubbed them once he took over the office. While Ivanka and Jared became senior advisers, there was no place for Eric and Donald Jr in the White House.

Ivanka talked about how excited she was for her husband on many occasions. It was important to her that Jared managed to become a prominent member of Trump’s administration. What she loved the most was the fact that her father changed the jokes with respect regarding Jared.

Eric Trump never talked about his brother in law and how close he got to his father. On the other side, Donald Trump Jr said that while he has nothing against Kushner, the two of them are very different.

Donald Trump went a long way with Jared Kushner, considering that he wasn’t thrilled that Ivanka decided to marry him and convert to Judaism to do so.

Source: express.co.uk