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Ivana Trump Was Compared To Princess Diana After Her Divorce

by Sinisav

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES – 01/04/2020: Ivana Trump claims she felt more loved and respected after she split with the current President Donald Trump. As you know, their marriage fell apart after she started dating model Marla Maples.

At the time, Vanity Fair reported that Ivana felt ‘humiliated’ when it was found about Trump’s affair with Maples. But, after their split and the scandal that followed, she received much love and was considered a heroine. As much people hated on Donald Trump at that time, they loved her even more.

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The events that followed put Ivana Trump in the center of media happenings. According to some, she was in the same bracket as Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, and even Princess Diana. In the aftermath of her split with Donald, Ivana changed her physical appearance. She underwent cosmetic surgeries and facial reconstructions. She also sued Donald for half of his assets, which made her quite rich in addition to becoming famous.

At the time of these happenings, she was the most talked-about female person in the world. She was also considered a hero by many fighters for women’s rights who stood beside her while she was fighting for what’s her.

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Donald Trump wasn’t the one to stay silent when all of this happened. He stated that hate for him and love for his ex-wife is quite logical. According to the 45th US President, 50% of people will always side with a woman who was left, especially if she was left for a prettier one.

Because of all the ruckus that Ivana/Donald divorce was, POTUS was cautious about his future commitments. He wanted to make sure that Maples won’t go after his money the same as Ivana did.

To ensure this, the pair signed an extensive prenuptial agreement. According to this contract, Maples would only receive $1 million in a case of a divorce, and another additional million for her to buy a house. Child support for her daughter Tiffany was $100,000. Another interesting fact is that she also signed a contract that forbids her to ever discuss their marriage in public via book, diary, or a memoir.

As of 2005, Donald Trump is happily married to Melania Trump, with whom she has one child, a son called Baron Trump.

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