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Is Ivanka Trump Younger Than Melania Trump?

by Sinisav

CHEAT SHEET – 12/31/2019: In today’s time, it is normal for families to merge. When this happens, it is not unusual that there is an age gap between family members. This is precisely what happened to the family of the current president of the United States, Donald Trump.

As you probably know, Donald Trump’s current wife Melania Trump is quite younger than him. The pair met at a party in Manhattan. At the moment of their first encounter, Donald was 52, while Melania was 28. The age gap between them is substantial, but it is not something out of the ordinary. Until you realize that the Slovenian supermodel wasn’t even born when Trump was 24 years old.

Ivanka Trump

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Because of an age gap, this big, and known fact that Donald Trump has children from a previous marriage, many people wondered is Melania older than Ivanka Trump, his daughter from the marriage with Ivana Trump.

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As we said, Ivanka is the daughter of Donald and Ivana. Trump married Ivana in 1977. The couple had three children – Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and Ivanka Trump. Ivanka is a middle child, and she was born in 1981. Melania Trump was born eleven years earlier in 1970. So, Ivanka is younger, but thanks to her stepmother’s youthful look, many often wonder if that’s the case.

Despite the age gap and the fact that Donald Trump already had four children, he and Melania decided to have a family of their own. The pair got married in 2005 at Palm Beach. Their first child, Baron Trump, came one year later.

The Trump family is large, but they all get along. The reason is simple. Donald is keeping them all together, through his business endeavors and his political activities. At the moment, Ivanka is the chief adviser to the president in the White House, while Melania is, of course, the First Lady.
Source: www.cheatsheet.com