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Italians Will Be ‘Jailed’ If They Don’t Comply With Coronavirus Lockdown

by Tracy Finke

EXPRESS 03/10/2020: Italy is in lockdown due to the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte enforced a lockdown for the entire state with strict sanctions – some of them go as far as being sent to prison for those who do not comply.

At first, measures were aimed only at the region of Lombardy, but now they are extended to the whole country. Italian MP Lia Quartapelle said that she hopes the sanctions will help “get the full cooperation of the public”, Express writes.

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“We’re seeing that people are increasingly understanding that they have to behave differently. We put in place fines and the possibility of people being jailed if they break the rules. We have had a few arrests already, and we need people to understand”, Quartapelle told BBC Radio 4.

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She continued: “Of course, we are a democratic country, so it’s complicated to have complete lockdowns for 60 million people without the collaboration of the general population. But we have sanctions in place, and they have already been used. So we hope that this can help”.

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In order to stop the spread of coronavirus in Italy, around 16 million people have been placed under quarantine. The officials announced that the number of infected reached over 9.000, with 97 deaths, which took the death toll to 463.

Source: express.co.uk