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Italian Medical Schools

by Edvard Berlusconi

Italy is well known for its prestigious educational system. Aside from having a long list of universities that are highly ranked in Europe, it has an environment that accommodates students coming from different part of the world. Italian medical schools were fully Italian-language MD programs until 2009 when some Italian public universities kick-start a new era where medical programs are being taught in Englishtaught. With this, international students began to troop Into Italy to study several medical courses.

Do you wish to study at an Italian medical school? There are several universities where you can achieve your dreams of becoming a world-class medical practitioner. Universities like Pavia, Milan, Turin, Bari, Rome, and Bologna have topnotch medical schools that admit international students. Moreover, these universities are renowned for their excellent and rigorous academia.


Despite being inexpensive compared to other medical schools in Europe, when it comes to research, the preparatory stage needed for residency, clinical works and other medical related things that might be after, Italian medical school are always at the top front.

The best part of it all is that Italian medical schools tuitions are being subsidized, making it quite affordable for both Europeans and non-Europeans. There are a thousand reasons why you should actually come to study in an Italian medical. But for the sake of precision, we will be sharing just a few good reasons to study medicine in Italy.


Good Reasons To Study Medicine in Italy

  1. Admission

The admission process into any Italian medical school is quite simple and straight forward. All you be needing is either an average or high score result in an IMAT exam, which is an English-based exam. Unlike other European medical schools, you won’t be doing an interview, neither will you be mandated to present recommendation letters. However, you will be paying a non-refundable admission fee of about 120 Euro.

  1. The Costs

Italy has a whole is an affordable place to live. The economy is balanced with a low risk of inflations. As a medical student, your tuition fee should be around d 1200 Euro per YEAR. More so, you can get yourself a scholarship or a part-time job to help generate additional income.


  1. English Programs

Studying medicine in Italy doesn’t mean you will have to face the challenge of learning Italian just to cope with lectures, books, note, and exams. All you will be needing for your program will be made available in English. If you want to read more about English medical schools in Italy, visit this website.

Italy is well known for its prestigious educational system and use of technology like Curogram.