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A Gift for Every Employee – Executive Business Gifts

by Dangula Bingula

The year is almost ending, and all you need is wrapping up another great year at the organization. No business year can be said to be complete without there being a worker awards for performances and executive gifts. Both of these two things are ideal in keeping and building a good rapport with your staff and employees.

By recognizing your staff performers and office, the team is one of the most essential ways of boosting the end year’s morale, and this does provide great motivation for the year to come. Usually, employees can be awarded depending on the different aspects of their work on specific performance goals or achievements. Whatever the kind of recognition you opt for, this will communicate to your workers that they are highly appreciated and valued and are essential to your business.


However, most of the companies that have a small year end budget choose giving awards that do not cost a fortune but are of great value. Gifts like the award certificates could even fit the most modest budgets, and this could be that creative and unique like your company. Awards also could be created in the form of trophies. Whether you are choosing the crystal, glass or acrylic, awards are constant reminders to employees of a job well done, and this could be displayed throughout the year with pride.

The good thing is that each of these awards could be designed to the theme you choose and also designed specifically to your industry. However, in case these trophies do not fill the bill, there are other options available like the plaques and medallions. These are also other items that could be displayed by employees showing off their achievements to anyone who appreciates them.


Another way of personalizing your team recognition is by selecting them the branded presents. There are thousands of items that could be branded with your logo, which you could use rewarding your staff. You can choose anything from attire to luggage, coffee mugs, or pens. By doing this, your team will be able to show your company name with pride in their daily activities using their branded gifts of recognition. Bonnage is a top brand for executive business gifts for your employees.

After awarding and recognizing staff for their achievements and performance, it is vital recognizing also the major players in the company with the executive gifts. These are the top-notch people you do rely on throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of your business. Therefore, it is crucial for taking the time to ensure you are selecting them more meaningful and elegant gifts.


Depending on your intended budget, there are several options for executive gifts that are endless. In the case you have a small budget, you could consider stylish office products. these gifts will be used by your executives in your office reminding them of their importance in the organization, however, if this office products do not cut the mustard for your time, you could think creatively of other options that could best suit your executives.

You could choose to give them excellent gifts, beautiful leather goods, electronics, sporting goods or travel products such as luggage. This is some of the executive presents that your workers will really enjoy. Keeping them feel like they are part of the organization will always pay back to your businesses as this makes them stay dedicated and work hard to the continued success of your company.

The perfect personalized executive gift: Why it’s not cash

If you are looking for a great way of appreciating employees, then providing them with some token is good. But just throwing some money their approach could not be the best idea. Though these bonuses are usually highly appreciated, there are some real reasons you could consider giving personalized thank you gifts that are not cash.


  • Cash isn’t personal

There is always something special about receiving a gift that was just chosen for you. Most of these gifts could be personalized with recipient’s names, the reason for these executive gifts and the year. With so many executive present ideas, you will be able to tailor each token to individual workers ensuring that each person is getting appreciated in the best way to fit their style and personality.

  • Giving executive gifts ideas can be cheaper than cash

When you have many workers you need recognizing, it could be that expensive to give all of them sizable amounts of money. However, you could still want to show appreciation.

Things like office presents could allow you to tell your employees how much their contribution to the business is valued, yet they could be much cheaper than giving everyone $500 or more.  There exist a wide range of executive gifts, you could be able to find the best gift in any budget that could suit your employees.

  • Cash can be easily forgotten

Unless you give your employees large sums of money every year, they will probably forget your gift. Not like, cash can be added to the family budgets and could not spend on anything fun for the employee, tokens will always provide tat tangible reminder of the employee’s service and appreciation.

  • Cash bonuses are taxed as income

Though a present, most of the rewards that are usually added to the employee’s payroll are generally taxed at incredibly high rates. Meaning this token of appreciation could be a burden instead of being a blessing at tax times. For example, you will find that some of the bonuses are usually taxed at thirty per cent, putting your workers into other tax brackets.



Giving thanks to employees in your office needs often doing and need not be limited to holiday seasons. Smart employers need to realize that one of the best things that could make their employees stay motivated and feel valued is by giving them a gift. Sincerely and merely saying thank you for a good job well done will make them feel how much they are appreciated.