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Is Meghan Markle Aiming for Donald Trump’s Position?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 01/27/2020: Meghan Markle took life in her hands and decided to leave the Royal family. The decision was even green-lighted by the Queen. But, Meghan will have to wait until April till all of this is official. Thanks to this, she will be able to, once again, make her political opinion heard. Also, she will have to find herself a new profession or return to the old.

Since joining the Royal family by marrying Prince Harry, her hands were tied on most matters. There’s a strict code of what a member of the Royal family can and can’t do. One of the traits of being a Royal is that you can use their funds. But, at the same time, it restricts you from having a job. In April, when Meghan leaves the Royal family, there’s a belief that she will target one particular position.

Meghan Markle

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When the intention to leave the Royal family was made public by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, it came as quite a shock. Now that dust has settled, they can look forward to their new future. Their primary goal is financial independence. Because of that goal, they will have to have jobs and work.

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We know that Meghan was politically involved before she entered the Royal family. Now she once again can make her voice heard. In the past, she was an actress, but she never hid her political ambitions. Once they are officially out of the Royal family, she will be able to make her opinion public once again.

In the past, she was very anti-Trump. Analytics predict that she will continue to raise her voice against the POTUS. If this happens, Trump will not hold back as members of his administration already stated.

During 2015 while being interviewed by Piers Morgan, Meghan stated that one day she would love to be the President. One of the members of her staff also confirmed that she is very serious about running for office. Kensington Palace denied these claims at the time. But now that she’s no longer a member of the Royal family, we will undoubtedly hear more about this.

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