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Is Joe Biden Digging a Political Grave For Trump and Sanders?

by Sinisav

POLITICO – 03/05/2020: Joe Biden’s political rebirth during Super Tuesday means death for a political career for others. By others, we mean Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This won’t necessarily happen as a few weeks ago, Biden was the one whose career was on the brink of life.

But, there was a tectonic move in the political landslide of the United States. Joe Biden is one of the most diverse presidential candidates ever. His voters came from all the structures of American society. There were African-Americans, older voters, upper-middle suburban types, and working-class people. No other candidate has a voting body this diverse.

Joe Biden

Source: washingtontimes.com

It was long believed that Bernie Sanders was the Democrat front-runner for the presidency, but Biden’s strong showing during Super Tuesday changed this opinion. Now, Biden is the man for Democrats as a real wonder would be needed for Sanders to take over his voters in the remaining primaries.

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The results from two days ago should also worry Donald Trump. The voters didn’t boycott the primaries; in fact, there was an increase in turnout compared to 2016. Not a minor one. For example, in Virginia, there were 60% more voters than four years ago during the primaries.

The energy among Democrats is real, and it’s all thanks to Donald Trump. Because of his antics during the previous four years, more voters are ready to go out and vote for his rival. Biden is riding a strong wave right now, and it could turn into a tsunami that could end Trump’s reign.

Experts now believe that Joe Biden is almost a certainty for a Democrat nominee. He was already endorsed by Mike Bloomberg, who spent $500 million on his campaign. Now, he will continue to support Biden’s. Considering that both he and Trump are popular among the same demographics among undecided voters, we can expect good elections in November.

Source: politico.com